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Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 12th)

New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel construction site partially collapses, firefighters race to contain Los Angeles wildfire as first residents return home, and a Texas police officer fatally shoots a woman inside her home.


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  1. This happens RIGHT after the Amber Guyger case ended and verdict rendered. WTF TEXAS

  2. People are just plain stupid. bred to be that way and it has showed for 30 years .Educated Idiots and Morons. It's why we are all screwed 24/7 365 now

  3. If she was playing with her nephew I seriously doubt the gun was out in the open or did they plant one. He didn't see a gun. Why didn't he knock? If they are that scared then they need another occupation

  4. Wow! bias liberal fake news NBC said it won’t run Trump political ads. I say shame on bias fake news NBC. Face it bias liberal fake news is in bed with the corrupt Democrat party. They are all part of Washington DC swamp Trump is draining . As a conservative Democrat I plan to vote for President Trump in 2020 again. Nobody believes liberal fake news anymore they’ve cried Wolf one too many times and their coverage of the 2016 presidential race was a total joke, predicting Crooked Hillary would win by 8 to 10 points.

  5. Thank you Donald Trump for killing as many people and brutally as you can, Via others

  6. It alway the same legal excuse to help bail bad choice, judgement, and actions:
    They presived their life was in danger, called about a suspicious person, searching a person that fits your discription, etc…

    We need to get rid of the police practice and terminology it give them the excuse to get away with violating and abusing innocent peoples rights.

    Why didn't the officer waited for back up? What ever happen to surrounding the perimeter and call out "This the police, your surrounded come out with your hands up" or atleast call out the home owners name. What a shame.

  7. Cops killing people in their own home and trump enabling an ethnic cleansing in the middle east. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  8. Carrying a firearm is a Terrible responsibility. This Officer was not up to the task.

  9. This is what happens when American construction companies buy Chinese cheap steel, need to buy a hundred percent American steel made in America

  10. Man I can't believe the president made us betrayed our allies. , we went from working with them to get rid of Isis to abandoning them. Now Isis is on the rise again. And the people that we fought with side by side are now being slaughtered buy turkey while we sit on a military base and watch from afar.

  11. Loads of pirated DVDs on Amazon. I have turned them in to officials

  12. Oh yeah, right. hey mom can I have a polo poney? Maybe in Denmark or Norway but U.S.A. with our 1%? not so much. You know I currently live in the poorest neighbourhood in Copenhagen Denmark which wouldn't register as poor to an American, and there are beautiful public horse's used by kids and paid for by taxpayers at the community centre/ library/petting zoo.

  13. Kurds are an egalitarian sect with equal rights for women and committed to establishing an free secular state. Trump has investments in Turkey.

  14. I haven’t spoke to him, I spoke to him yesterday…WTF

  15. It’s not the United States’ responsibility to help the world. Someone else needs to step it up against Turkey.

  16. Giuliani and Trump need to be tried for TREASON.
    This is willful sabotage against America

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