Thursday , December 2 2021
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Nightly News Full Broadcast – October 22nd

Questions over safety concerns after fatal ‘Rust’ movie set shooting, Pfizer says its Covid vaccine is nearly 91 percent effective in kids ages 5 to 11, and inside the nation’s supply chain crisis.

00:00 Intro
02:16 Movie Set Shooting
05:12 Vaccinating Kids
08:48 Biden Agenda: Democrats Close To Deal?
11:13 Supply Chain Crisis
14:50 Urgent Recall
16:42 China’s Tech Crackdown
19:15 Inspiring America

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  1. "A danger right under someone's nose". Yuk, yuk. Chortle, chortle. Two people sick, one of them DEAD and entertainment news has to try and score a laugh from the story. Wonderful. Very professional.

  2. @Alec:This story of Gun's shooting is true or not?

  3. @Marocains:
    Il faut comprendre qu'une bonne partie de ce que je vous ai dit à propos de la bonne interprétation de l'islam,les Américains le savent déjà et que tout ce qu'ils proposent est décrit dans les livres originaux des Musulmans dont il disposent.
    D'ailleurs Joe Biden dans un de ses discours durant le processus avait mentionné que "Texto"La Chine =Maroc prendra possession des terres Américaines vers 2050 par contre l'information qui lui manquait que ce sont les Américains eux même qui sont concernés et l'amalgame que les Américains avaient sur le fait qu'ils oient Enfants d'Israel ,ils seront bannis et qu'ils pensaient qu'ils étaient des descendants du Prophète Jacob (PBUH) alors que l'information qui leur manquaient était que les enfants d'Israel sont les "Enfants=Les tribus" du Prophète Muhammad(PBUH) et l'enfant gâté.
    Ils savaient aussi que les terres saintes sont aux USA avant que moi même je ne sois informé par le messager de Dieu.

  4. Wtf. "Live rounds loaded in the prop gun". Shouldn't have been live rounds on the set. They're done. How fitting for a cocky out of control disposition.

  5. Lmao yall gonna overdose on them shots , yall gotta chill

  6. Easu against easu don't know what is going on it's only going to get worse

  7. Low on truck drivers, you know what that means…quickly hire more idiots who don't belong behind the wheel of a semi and skimp on the training yayyyy

  8. Mr Holt, It is 10 pm PST Oct 23, 2021 here in LasVegas. I missed your 5:30 pm news bulletin today & thought will find you on U-Tube ! It is not yet loaded ! Why do I have to wait till tomorrow ?

  9. By the way,a shoit comment about Wealth and Rich people.
    Islam has never prohibitted the fact to be rich but he banned the fact to be Rich and proud of yourself but Rich and Humble ,those are counted the best people in Almighty God View.
    At the opposite of that,the worst people in Almighty God View are the Poor people proud of themselves and not humble at all.

  10. Aux Marocains,si les Américains vous demandent de vous faire vacciner ,faites le et personnellemnt je le ferais si un Soldat Américain se présent pour me le faire dans une base Miitaire Américaine.
    D'ailleurs,je recommande aux Unités Americains de commencer à apparaitre sur la scène pour apaiser les esprits et les gens se sentiront plus en sécurité car ils n'ont plus confinace dans le pouvoir sécuritaire en place.



  13. democrats are about to give themselves the largest pay raise in us history while everyone else goes broke due to hyperinflation and poor wages, god bless america…

  14. Covid-19 Common Sense🦁🍎There's Alot of Doctors but only a Few Brain Surgeons. You want to Work on Folks & Families you Care About Get Vaccinated or Take Up another Career at McDonald's Flipping Burgers🎆🎈🎀

  15. The guinea pigs still got the virus. Can't trust the united states medical industry.

  16. Biden is the worste President weve ever had….he literaly whats for his secretarys to set his mind in motion…all bad decisions and procrastinating is because hes incompetent…its obvious…and Kamala…we dont even see her…is she gonna help or just throw lame as suprise parties for herself…. absolutely the joke heard round the world…were it right now

  17. Upside down World 🌎 we live in
    Especially in the last 10 months…
    And we’re worried about “Alec Baldwin” 🤔
    We will never see the “likes “ of America 🇺🇸 🕳ever again 💩

  18. This is actually a scene from columbo. The prop gun the set the gun you cannot make this up wow exactly a scene from columbo

  19. Bacterium? Or Bacteria?

    Can anyone use English properly, anymore? Seems not!

    Shame on writers at NBC for dumbing down proper, standard English!!

  20. What the heck?? I just heard this is the 3rd covid winter in this news report. Incorrect reporting, true to CNN’s finest. What a farce

  21. Treat "all" guns as a loaded gun, they are not a toy, their leathal weapons.(NRA question of 100 questions test on Gun Safety). What happened to the NRA today…they quit teaching any kind of gun safety rules.

  22. Did we have to get booster shots for small pox, mumps, measles, manigitus, chicken pox, shingles, malaria, some STDs why's is this virus do this, do that, mix this, put a little of this on it?????????

  23. JESUS i know you love me. please give me the opportunity to love you back , to hug you back , to welcome you back into my heart. 🏡💜🎈

  24. Put the dumass in jeil he a puppet fallow the money

  25. After 4 years of the Orange Menace, Biden has my full support for everything.

  26. Why the duck is there even à real gun on any set?

  27. Prop guns don't shoot live bullets, how could it?

  28. Wait, the crew walked off the set before this happened 🙄🙄🙄

  29. Supply chain; synchronizing the multiple shipping methods sounds complicated but 10 days to empty one ship? Aren't there 80? Oh my!

  30. He's creazy!!! No Way! Never, Never Never get the Vaccines to children!!

  31. Truckers down 80000 drivers, can’t be true I just heard Obama say jobs are up hmmm?

  32. Whoever the propmaster on set was, should be fired and prosecuted.


  34. Covid-vaccine is an obstruction of covid virus to create new variant, it only Able to hide the symptoms after get infected, at the same time to enhance your immunity system to against the virus temporarily like Morphine-Sulfate.
    Covid|9 is accumulative and permanently stay at human body's T-Cell then cause it malfunction to replicate, destroy and spread even you have fully recovered from covid infection or fully vaccinated. Peoples will die in covid one day when the immunity system become weak.

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