Thursday , December 2 2021
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Nightly News Full Broadcast – October 23rd

Chaos and confusion end in tragedy on ‘Rust’ film set, new booster rollout for all three vaccines, and Facebook under fire after new documents leaked.
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  1. 11:23 I thought I saw Dave Chapelle!
    "You'all can't cancel ME!".

  2. If Biden wants to improve his ratings, he would be wise to get Garland to MOVE on prosecuting DT. Biden is NOT standing UP for our system of LAW and consequences. He is allowing DT to continue FRAUD daily. Fraud is a felony. DT is on an ongoing criminal spree, spewing FRAUD and collecting money, spreading false statements. STOP HIM, ratings go sky HIGH.

  3. You have nothing without this country, your stand is defiance of us. I don’t like even hearing your way. You couldn’t even have it ,if you weren’t here. If you don’t like it,leave. You have no rights when you defy the giving of them

  4. Trash News Reporter Joey D Ballard

  5. Seems white; Gun safety from a 24yr old 🤔🤔 I can see a few things that could have been done better …

  6. Stop showing his face, he’s a joke of a “man”

  7. heres what ive got to say! now, isnt it sad that guns have caused such mass mayhem over the years!!!!! and that our society , in some shape or form, ha s to be exposed to guns everyday in life! and that gun s should nt be allowed in anymore movies or video games or shows ever again due to this! it just promoting bad ideas and more violence mor e and more!

  8. Finally some fair coverage of those being segregated by the so called vaccine. This is just as offensive and wrong as racial segregation the mandates need to end now!

  9. So happy to see these incredibly stupid and selfish people facing consequences

  10. Why would they have real bullets on the SET…STAY WOKE AMERICA…SUSPECT…

  11. To the people who are afraid of the long-term effects of the COVID vaccine…
    Do you have any idea of the long (& short) term health effects of eating packaged, prepared processed foods, or what happens when a human eats fast food (maybe twice a week) for 75 years?
    I'll eat home-cooked meals & take my chances on the vaccine. It's a lot safer.

  12. It's a real tragedy! And maybe a lot of incompetence! But it was an accident. As sad as it is.

  13. People that couldnt pass a 10th grade chemistry test losing houses and everything based on their scientific evaluation of a vaccine.

  14. Trump's impersonation by Baldwin is over. He isn't the same man anymore, forever.

  15. The only confusion is the J an J.

  16. Brian Laundrie took easy way out. He had no right to take away the life of his fiancee.

  17. My heart goes out to these migrant, seeking for freedom.

  18. President Obama still has abundance of threads in his past

  19. J6 brought new meaning to violence to USA. Not good at all..

  20. I live in a country where people wish they could get American made vaccines, and in America there are people who are willing to lose everything instead of getting something that can actually saves their lives and those around them. What a strange world!

  21. Great 👍 time to move forward with booster. I am ready for my booster. But I would rather take the merdona booster shot…..with aspirin

  22. These people are ridiculous that are whining. Oh they lost everything, because they wouldn't take a free life protecting vaccine that has been given to literally billions over a year. How stupid can they be? AND then go on TV to tell the world 🤦‍♀️.

    AND how can that election be so close??? Wtf is wrong with Americans??? I'm ashamed of this country, never thought I'd ever say that in a million years.

  23. My heart goes out to Alec. He is innocent citizen, a family man, a husband, good actor, and great 👍 father. No need for him to face trial.

  24. Losing everything over a vaccine…haha I don't feel one bit bad for these idiots

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