Sunday , December 5 2021
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Nightly News Full Broadcast – October 25th

‘Bomb cyclone’ hits the West Coast, internal documents reveal Facebook knew of platform’s harms, and America in need of truck drivers amid supply chain crisis.

00:00 Intro
01:53 Triple Storm Threat
04:16 The Facebook Papers
07:44 Vaccines For Kids
11:05 Biden’s Critical Week
13:20 Worker Shortage Crisis
15:55 Those Who Serve

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  1. Allow Marijuana smokers to Drive! Trucker shortage gone!

  2. When things get hairy, send in the lady in a chair.

  3. Death shot for the kids. Who would have figured?
    Has anyone stopped to take the time to realize, this is just a huge money move?
    They took OUR taxes, to make this jab, now they are making millions off the research that WE all paid for. Higest profits in history, all for a bug that affects less than 1% of the world..all for a bug MADE by Faucci, who is still free and telling YOU to get HIS jab.. good job people, keep eating up that fear..

  4. So glad Im NOT on fb although I'm on wA👹

  5. Chère Fatim-Zahra Ammor:Ministre du Tourisme, de l’Artisanat et de l’Economie sociale et solidaire
    Tout d'abord mes félicitations pour votre nomination à ce poste de responsabilité.
    Suite à mes développements ce matin concernant le futur souhaité pour les Palais existants,je vous demande, qu'une fois la situation assainie et les Palais complétement vidés et mis à la disposition de l'état,de lancer un appel d'offres pour une manifestation d'intérêt pour l'acquisition de ces Palais soit à une fin touristique pour de grands groupes hôteliers et le cas échéant pour une éventuelle acquisition par des personnes privées.
    L'option touristique pourrait éventuellement offrir un nouveau créneau au tourisme national et une nouvelle façon de découvrir le Maroc

  6. How you can sat it's the single most strongest storm to ever hit the west coast? Was someone recording weather conditions 200, 300 years ago. Don't think things like this haven't happened before.

  7. The 400 years prophecy of slavery from 1619 to 2019 as ended for the children of Israel who are Black, now the judgment begins on you devils !!

  8. Sorry no sympathy, you reap what you sew, leave if you don't like it.

  9. The earth is choking on humanity's exhaust and it's desperately trying to clear its throat.

  10. To the lady that made the comment about "glass ceiling" regarding female truck drivers feeling empowered, that is NOT how the glass ceiling concept works. Breaking through the glass ceiling is not about making disenfranchised groups FEEL empowered. Breaking through the glass ceiling involves actually empowering the disenfranchised and PROMOTING them to management positions and allowing them to take on decision making power and become influencers. It involves a lot more than allowing a woman to drive a truck. We have a very long way to go people.

  11. Nothing but trucks on the highways I go on. Distribution system is pathetic.

  12. The Spending Bill, the part on social spending is a ruse, a carrot, and a trap.
    Its temporary, when it expires anger will set in and cops will come out jailing mothers and children.
    When the end result of your social program is the cops beating the public up the social spending bill is merely a decoy.
    I would call this a 'Spending Bill Decoy',—-not cheap. Shows how rich the US is that it can throw money away into non-meaningful and non-long lasting social ideas.

    Americans are too kind the 1% buy from them a value for use and they get in return a lifestyle where they can only become that particular use-value, good for one thing….mean while in other rich nations the 1% tried and lost. People got out of the grip of the 1% and became more than a value for use.
    More than just a thing to be used by the 1%.

  13. So you need a negative covid test to enter the USA and another to come back to Canada. Border is still closed.

  14. if i lived anywhere but the city of ottawa or another city purhaps then I could get my licence! I could get my licence in a small town, overseas, but not in the city i was born in. did you know quebec lets you get your licence on line with no drivers test! ya right! screw you dmv for not being a part of this city. too many of your overseas friends to pass right.. reverse racism people!

  15. theres no way to get a drivers licence if you dont have a car to practice in and are relatively poor in the city. plus the 2 year wait or 3 years,,

  16. how do you pass your licence anyways with no car to practice in! 250 dollars to rent one but you have to learn to drive first! 1800-2400 dollars to do a drivers academy! so why are people not trucking? Its the DMV not helping and failing many people, mostly white and from the city.. people coming to the city from other places seem to get their licence right away.

  17. Kids are the least at risk.. wtf. These people 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ so disturbing.

  18. TOLLAR…the fearful sky now bleeds tears…endquote.

  19. FB propaganda 🤢🤦‍♀️

  20. When the news opens up with the weather, I cant help but to think they are just hiding the real news. California is a s**thole anyway, let it rot.

  21. getting a full licence is too difficult if you didnt get it while you were young. People will try to stop you from getting it

  22. i would become a truck driver but getting the g2 takes forever and can be racial at times when the people of high places are reverse hate to whites fail them while passing chineese and black who only got their lixence because someone says they got it overseas….hard to explaine so many people stopping people from passing their licence.

  23. Please have the vaccine for children tested and approved by the FDA.
    I have three grandchildren that are too young to get the Covid vaccine.
    I’m scared to death for them. I want them to have a chance during this pandemic. Especially since there are so many ignorant parents that are against anything that would protect our babies.
    There are responsible parents making sure their babies are safe, yet ours mean nothing to them 🥺🥺🥺

  24. Omg! And how can you lower the standards for truckers? Lol

  25. Damm! I think we should send our officers to the Sudan 🇸🇩 for training.

  26. republicans have ruined America. There is no doubt we are paying for their do nothing decisions.

  27. you get covid from kids lady! more from kids then adults, only hids have a different reaction! kids will get things like brain damage from covid and not necessarily a cold. Kids come from their own herds and are immune only to those herds. When a new herd comes then the child will pick up pieces of the virus! not enough to harm them b Newut becomes two pieces of virus when meeting an adult from another place.

  28. The Facebook whistleblower is dog ugly, but she's a blonde so we must listen lol jk

  29. If anything should ever be canceled it’s fb

  30. Research Haarp people don’t let these evil people fool you.

  31. hire foreign truckers , there problem solved 😎

  32. Lies rumors and rumors are lies!!!!!

  33. Facebook pumps out misinformation? How about Joe Biden what do you call the stuff he says? We’re in trouble and I’m ready for whatever these Devils have planned for us.

  34. nobody say of change climate only think in money guns food music and buy for christmas is sad


  36. Less than 20 kids without pre existing conditions from the begining of the pandemic have died….it's more dangerous to ride the bus 5 miles to school than for people under 18 to not be vaccinated for the virus.

    Parents aren't dumb….


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