Thursday , January 28 2021
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NJ Gov Murphy holds briefing on Nor'easter preparation

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy holds a press conference on the first major winter storm of the season.

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  1. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  2. Is NJ using Ivermectin and or Hydroxychloroquine etc, to treat people early on? If not the officials in charge should be charged with wilful neglect, leading to manslaughter.

  3. Stay in for just a short time to flatten the curve; then just a couple of weeks; then until; then …. . How many deaths are a DIRECT result of the CCP virus? Specifically, does it take for a PCR test to be positive (ie how many molecules of the virus and how many cycles )? How many govt workers have been laid off?

  4. De^th to all communists.

  5. The CCP and deep-stays must be executed in full detail. President Trump will be reappointed in 2021.

  6. what that woman doing on there chair is she vogueing

  7. Forget those cold northeastern winters and enjoy life in the southwest. It just so happens, that my home at 1939 S. Clubhouse Dr in Arizona is for sale! It's next to a golf course, 10 mins form the I-10 and shopping centers. 45 mins to Phoenix to the north and 50 mins south to Tucson. Booming economic development and good paying jobs abound, so get out of the rat race and get into a new life😎🇺🇸

  8. cant handle a bit of winter snow , it sounds like the end of the world smoke screen

  9. the weather ?????? something fishy is going on ????? i smell a big RAT

  10. Fuk off clicked for the storm and got 5 minutes of blah blah

  11. 😢😢😢FOX NEWS… IT IS ALWAYS EITHER NO CAPTIONS, FRENCH CAPTIONS OR UNRELIABLE ENGLISH CAPTIONS. WHERE ARE THE AUTO GENERATED CAPTIONS? Out of 320 million Americans, 48 million depend on captions to function, understand and participate

  12. Murphy get your shovel out and put your boots on, like sent Cory booker USED to do before becoming senator and now does NOT CARE ABOUT N J

  13. The sign language lady is so fat she cant stand…..and murphy is so tyrannical he is using the weather as a distraction.

  14. So what? There are many bad storms in Winter. This Democratic governor just needs more air time and to up the ante of the virus hoax. Masks are dangerous to a person's health. Look it up….when one keeps re-breathing the same air, which is the expiration of carbon dioxide, it can and is lethal. He talks like he cares! We have long known weather is often man made, so is this real or is it man made??

  15. That poor guy on the right, looks like he going to have carpal tunnel, from the way he is typing on his laptop.

  16. Do not ever give up your constitution rights can now sue the government and police..just become a member of the English workers them and join a sue the police..there winning every case’s only 10pound a month..under the cov19 fraudulent legislation they are infringing your constitution rights ..

  17. Burn masks obviously not working


  19. This one is a little more than we can see what has been happening, the weather has been a long snow and ice has been happening since you were on the road and the road crews who are cleaning up the road from snow day today and tomorrow but we are to pray for this one storm is coming up soon and the weather has the potential to make road's very bad and the side walks need to be cleaned of snow and ice.

  20. Today is the 16th of December 2020. There are 34 days 23 hours 59 minutes and 36 seconds remaining until Donald Trump becomes a private citizen again.

  21. Pandering opportunistic folks

  22. Seems like they are making a big deal out of the weather.

  23. These sign language jokers getting lazier and lazier now they can't even be bothered to stand up anymore 😂

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