Monday , October 26 2020
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NJ senate candidate lays out how Republicans can flip blue states in 2020

New Jersey Senate candidate Hirsh Singh, explains why he’s running again Sen. Cory Booker, and why immigrants and other sectors of blue states could cast their votes for conservative candidates in 2020. #FoxBusiness

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  1. I'm taking a selfie of my Vote for Trump and email it texting it to fox news friends and the White House I'm not just trusting voting boxes I need back up plans !

  2. Well New Jersey wants optimism they sure don't want the Democrats they are all about socialism and oppression

  3. Because with the internet the Democrats can't keep us under their lives it's all coming to the light people are starting to wake up and see them for who they are one world one government one religion Socialist Communist un lovers climate control or Liars

  4. Everybody that is American should run away from the Democrats gun grabbing socialist no Constitution no thieves Crooks demons

  5. Bathroom Spartacus Booker is an embarrassment to our nation. Hmmmm… has anyone seen Rosario Dawson lately?

  6. Voter IDs if you want to flip blue States

  7. Looks like he has the smarts but he needs to be more assertive to keep his audience's attention. That way they will remember what you said and stand for. Practice for more expression in your voice cause I'm falling asleep. Good Luck Sir

  8. Hirsh, like many people responding to questions, needs to stop answering with starting out by saying, "I mean." Others respond with repetitive, "Absolutely," answers. Those are just a bad as listening to somebody say, "like," over and over while they talk.

  9. Chris Christie Creme wasn't a real Republican but a boss-politics RINO who seriously hurt the Forgotten Man in NJ, who betrayed everyone he was ever once allied with including President Trump, and Christie is the number-one reason why NJ has a Democrat governor right now because of how disgusted everyone was with his corruption and it was a "heads I win, tails you lose" choice between the Democrat or Christie's lieutenant. Don't forget Bridgegate! But NJ and I think a lot of other "blue" states are not as blue as the media pretends. I remember 2016. Main Street was lined with Trump signs in this "liberal" area. People had them out before Pence was even announced as VP. There admittedly were a few, not many, Bernie signs, but literally only ONE Hillary sign in my area. There were quite a few "Hillary for Prison" signs, though.

  10. Come on New Jersey vote those criminals out

  11. Bathroom Booker, what is he going to call Singh a racist? sorry Cookie your typical play the race card won't work here.

  12. Democrats hate the idea that deplorables get to vote. Democrats hate conservatives almost as much as unborn children.

  13. Fake news is one of the biggest problems.

  14. Booker formidable ha ha Ha go ask that to the people that live in his district in New Jersey in the slums in the ghetto with the highest crime rate in the country

  15. P Trump has done so well for the USA and the Dems blatantly so bad that the right cannot lose if we fix voter fraud.

  16. corey booger (aka) spitakiss, is as useful as teets on a boar hog

  17. Get rid of illegals and mandate a voter ID to vote.

  18. Let’s unseat all Democrats! Send them all packing…so we can focus on the business of KEEPING AMERICA GREAT!

  19. Charge the criminals and throw them under the prison!!!!!
    Enforce the law!

  20. Beat Booker send him packing

  21. Booker that's crazy the guy is a idiot.

  22. The only way a demoncrat gets elected is to rig the election machines and use unregistered voters .

  23. Last one out of Jersey hit the lights! I'll moving out in about three months, can't stand these democratic a holes. You can't even buy BB's without a hunting licence.

  24. Oh i believe i would not see Cory Booker in one of the Senate's seat next year.. but you! So.. congrats!!!

  25. Lies.. The most diverse state in the country.. lies like trump.. you people know this is not true..

  26. Yaaaaaa immigrants for Trump

  27. A state that desperately needs to be flipped red is Maryland. Liberal policies have decimated Baltimore and brought felonious illegal aliens to Montgomery County.

  28. republicans are 95 % white. democrates are 50% white. you tell me by the numbers which party is racist by being almost pure white.

  29. God please save NJ! We’ve been getting nailed to the wall with democratic nonsense long enough. Sanctuary cities, licenses for ILLEGAL immigrants and taxes as high as possible. The garden state needs to run Red like our famous tomatoes 🍅🙏💪🏼

  30. Trump is the best that happened to this country. All you have to do is look at your 401K and job creation, numbers don’t lie. If people can’t admitted because it hurts their feelings. They are just lying to themselves. Trump has done everything he promised and more.😘🇺🇸

  31. EVERY SINGLE VOTE COUNTS….. get out and vote republican!!!!

  32. I'd vote for Hirsh Singh.

  33. I will volunteer for this man. Charles,. Booker was sued for sexual harassment by another fellow…..keep up. We never voted for the guy

  34. By cheating because there is nothing that can be done about it.

  35. Simple, explain to the snowflakes how the Democrats are shafting them, in a way they understand.

  36. That's right some blue states are going to flip but this flip is for the Democrats🖕

  37. New Jersey voters will always vote for democratic senators. People on this state have not felt enough pain under democrat rule i hope someday the people will wise up and be low information voters

  38. Good luck. Anyone is better than Booger

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