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No explanation for Utah tour bus crash that killed 4, injured 17

The bus, filled with 30 Chinese-speaking tourists, suddenly rolled over along a turn leading to Utah’s Bryce Canyon, ejecting passengers and causing catastrophic injuries.



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  1. horrible I hope they can recover ❤️

  2. did not get enough sleep . the tour guide worked him to many hours. it all most happened to me .his brain just shut down.

  3. They're trying to make people not travel anymore. From planes crashing, to cruise ships bein wrecked, to tour buses mysteriously crashing I dont know where to turn next. I wanna build me a castle and never ever leave it.

  4. Uh oh.

    China's gonna be pissed.

    Wait thats a good thing.
    They'll kill America for Killing their own citizens.


  5. The medical center must have a rough time dealing with these injured Chinese tourists. I had a Chinese patient complaining because I say have a good day. She said I wasn't showing any sympathy, like mocking her worst day a good day. Constant complainers, backstabbers. OMG, so difficult to please them.

  6. Looks like a really old bus. They don't make them like that anymore.

  7. God bless USA and God bless Americans and God bless who died in this.

  8. I hate being a passenger. I've been a sole driver for decades and I rarely ride with anyone.

  9. Mysteries make good news stories and wind gusts are not a strange phenomena

  10. I live here in Utah. The company that owns the bus failed to renew it's business license in 2018. They werent legally supposed to be hauling anybody. Which means they don't have insurance either.

  11. that's a trippy looking bus!!!…looks like somone took an city electric truck and added a bus cabin to the back….everytime there is a boat wreck or limo wreck or whatever it's also some trippy looking vehicle i've never seen before or they look somone put something together that looks ghetto because they couldn't afford the real shit!!!.lolololololol

  12. Seat belts!?
    Oh America doesn't require them on buses!!

  13. Chinese driver, Chinese bus tour.

  14. I've never seen a bus with a driver's cabin like this. It looks like a converted semi.

  15. No explanation why anyone goes to Utah.

  16. Drunk Driving
    💀 💀 💀 💀

  17. but being chinese.. im sure none of them had insurance.. i wonder how they were treated..

  18. Rip but why are American vehicles so goddamn ugly

  19. We had better ban automobiles.

  20. Clearly the bus was hit by a UFO fleeing from Area 51 to hide for a night

  21. Ban assault tour busses…to save lives….feel that creepy noahide jew bern yet?

  22. too fed up have too much money so fed up people wanna tour

  23. What does Chinese nationals have 2 do with anything that's what's wrong with this country. Thanks ABC and David meur 4 pointing out there nationality.

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