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No Gym Full Body Workout

4 minutes of progressive body weight training can be done anywhere anytime.

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  1. Would this workout help me to have abs?? I am fat asf lol

  2. Can these exercises be done daily?

  3. ❌Squat
    ❌Push up
    ❌Running plank
    ❌Back extension
    ✔GIVE UP

  4. If I do this every other day I will be like him? 🤣

  5. I want to become properly fit without any gym training . But its difficult for me to attempt . Bro if you tell some thing other kind of work like for job persons.

  6. tell me can i do this type of exercise daily after running??????

  7. Can I get six pack by doing this excise

  8. What is your prescribe number of rounds?

  9. This is about 4years old video… Who's watching in 2019…

  10. How to like a video daily

  11. could you also include what sorta stretching exercises to include along with these, or what do i do before i start with these so that i don't endup with non-stretching related pain

  12. i have youtube channel ,its about fitness channel link-
    If you can subscribe and watch my videos tell me what are the mistakes

  13. Thanks for sharing. Please i've just started my training at home without equipment and i need a well-structured program to follow. i'm confused with the amount of the trainings on youtube. i'll be more than greatful if you can help me with that.

  14. 6months, did this twice in a row EVERY SINGLE DAY. This really works!

  15. Can I do a 3 sets of each & every form

  16. Exercise se weight loss kar sakte hai kya?

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