Wednesday , August 10 2022

No 'huffing and puffing' here: brick manufacturing on 'How America Works'

Host Mike Rowe explores Old Carolina Brick Company in Salisbury, N.C., where manufacturers are going above and beyond in the current building boom to make 40,000 bricks per day.


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  2. Thanks Mike, I have been a bricklayer for 35 years and still enjoy my job

  3. So the company couldn't find a native US citizen to run the plant — had to get a Latino immigrant.
    How nice. Shows just how committed the company is to native born blue collar workers. No doubt
    they hire lots of immigrants to keep wages down, and to have always a steady supply of work visa

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  7. I wanna start a Brick making business.

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  11. Careful antifa and Jane's revenge coming for your stockpile. Bricks are expensive at the moment.

  12. Let's bring back more manufacturing back to America.

  13. Most of my Mother's family were and are Bricklayers!! Generational=) Shake the hand of a Bricklayer and your can feel it!

  14. "We’ve created the greatest economy in history." –Patriot Bone Spurs, January 6th 2021. Trump is the worst jobs president in recorded history presiding over a loss of 6 million jobs from when he took office.

  15. 1,000 windmills needed to bake a brick

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