Thursday , January 21 2021
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No Incumbent Has Trailed By As Much As Trump Since 1992 | NBC News NOW

No incumbent president has trailed going into their convention by as much as Donald Trump has, really since George H.W. Bush, Chuck Todd observes.
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No Incumbent Has Trailed By As Much As Trump Since 1992 | NBC News NOW


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  1. Fake news said :
    " stop the steal ! "

  2. I think this video predicted this defeat.

  3. wonder why they didnt show Hillary vs Trump polls 🤔

  4. I don't believe any news from this show

  5. vote, vote, vote! it's time for trump to go! STAY FOCUSED EVERYONE.

  6. Even the senior leaders of Rebublicans didn't support Trump in last election but he won, so it's not how you talk, it's how real Americans public show up in election role ..

  7. If biden gets elected.. Were screwed…


    The WORD of GOD, Romans 13:01 says, "Everyone must submit to Governing Authorities. For ALL AUTHORITY comes from GOD, and those in Positions of AUTHORITY, have been Placed there by GOD". Amen.

    The President of The United States is The Chief of The Executive Branch, which also includes The Vice President, and the Rest of The President's Cabinet, 15 Executive Departments, and Numerous Federal Agencies, Boards, Commissions, and Committees. The Power of The Executive Branch is vested in The President of The United States, who also acts as Head of The State, and Commander-In-Chief of The Armed Forces.

    We are very Proud and Happy to have Two Excellent, very High Caliber, President Donald John Trump, Vice President Michael (Mike) Richard Pence, and The Executive Branch, for their Leadership, in The Oval Office, located at The White House, Each Day of our Lives.

    Thanks very much to President Donald J. Trump's Family to include his Lucky Wife, Melania, (2 Divorced Wives: Marlar Maples & Ivana), his Children: Ivanka, Barron, Donald (Jr), Tiffany & Eric, for their Hardworking Continuous Support.

    (Note: Due to Dress Shoes with High Heels, being worn by Melania, and, Steps to Climb Up & Down, President Donald Trump, has for many times, tried to Hold Melania's Hand, for Physical Security, to
    AVOID 'Slip & Fall', and, possible Embarrassments on Video Cameras, as 'First Lady').

    Thanks very much to Vice President Michael R. Pence's Family to include his Lucky Wife, Karen, his Children: Audrey, Charlotte & Michael (Jr), for their very Hardworking Continuous Support.

    Dr. Abraham Maslow's Theory, 'Hierarchy of Human Basic Needs' has been Published in 1943, to Record, the Main Physiological Requirements, for Human Survival, which include: VARIOUS Forms / Methods of: Shelter, Food, Water, Clothing, Sleep & Rest, Health, Homeostasis, Transportation, etc …', beginning with a New Born Baby, from The Cradle to The Grave.

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    Thanks very much for Approving & Mailing, or, Making Direct Deposits, for a Second Stimulus Payment, to Each American Citizen, which I am Praying to Receive Soon.

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    The USA needs and wants a PRESIDENTIAL TEAM & LEADERSHIP which will HELP our INNOCENT USA CITIZENS, to Pay for their DAILY COST of LIVING EXPENSES such as 'SHELTER, CLOTHING, TRANSPORTATION, INSURANCES, FOOD, HEALTH, etc ….' Those who are AVAILABLE & CAN WORK, need to be EMPLOYED for INCOME, to PAY for their Cost of Living Expenses.

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    DATE: 09/17/2020 @ 11:05 pm (EST, USA).

  9. We are about see the biggest bluewave in america TURNS BLUE

  10. Look at all these patriots calling out the mainstream FAKE NEWS!!! America has woken up the sleeping giant is no longer sleeping . If you think we care about what Hollywood Elitist say while they condemn walls but yet they live behind them and they teach us about “priveledge” the HYPOCRISY. Real live Americans will not stand for it. We will take care of each other cancel Hollywood and big tech. Your mask has fallen off and we see the ugly monster underneath! Vote for America!!! Go out and vote

  11. There they go again in their unfounded basis of polling. These two guys were so wronged in 2016 prediction that Trump has no chance of winning.

  12. Fake news! Lies,lies and more lies.

  13. go back to this guy in 2016 and see how wrong he was that night. Can,t believe this guy is still employed.But thats the Democrats,they don,t want any honest employees.

  14. Fake news, didn't they try this with clinton in 2016? LOL.

  15. You were wrong in the past you will be wrong again President Trump will win again

  16. This just proves to me how I must support Trump.

  17. Go vote Joe Biden for Président USA Yes

  18. Nobody listens to the lying media and Democrats anymore. We don't believe you.

  19. We already know there is going to be some cheating going on…his cult is going to vote twice, Russia is lurking and the mail could be delayed. This should make us more determined to vote Trump out

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