Monday , November 23 2020
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'No one is above the law': Nancy Pelosi announces official impeachment inquiry | Nightline

Pelosi made the announcement amid questions about whether Trump had made aid to Ukraine contingent on the country’s president agreeing to investigate political rival Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.



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  1. She needs to tell that to her pos friends Obama; both Clinton’s among all the other traitors

  2. Nancy's own son is involved ?

  3. "Political opponent, Biden" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. We will watch the USA collapse under Your great vision

  5. You think You can ROB the people of their vote, their President and take over as dictators of America, You hypocrite, evil, snakes? There will be war. Americans won't abide by Any government laws anymore- why should we, if the devil takes over? We will be our own government

  6. Nancy you insane bitch. You and the rest of the lying dumbacrats are not above the law either. We will not stop until her, obuma and killary answer for their crimes.

  7. … What, Pelosi… Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom!

  8. Great news. He needs to step down. Shame on his trump family.

  9. Hillary clinton and joe biden is apperantly. The hypocricy in the democratic party is huge. They sold their office to the highest bidder.

    And how did pelosi gain a net worth of 24 million dollars? On a politicians salary? She is part of the corrupt circle in that party, and if you cant see it you are blind. These are career politicians that are in it for themselves, thats why they hate trump, because he has no need for money, he is a billionair, and he is investigating these people. Im telling you people, the criminals are accusing trump of being a criminal.

  10. Vote for term limits in Congress great idea then they will get something done insteade of wasting time that we the people don't have

  11. Pelosi is not above the law. There, fixed that for you.

  12. Good put Biden and Clinton in jail. D C is nothing but a mob robbing the tax payers.


  14. And nobody can impeach a great president that is anoited and chosen by the Allmighty God himself.

  15. Nancy Pelosi just changed the rules of impeachment…Prior to her announcement the rules of impeachment required a full house vote on "United States Code Violations". But she announced that the reasoning behind her impeachment is because of "Constitution Violations". Which means now that every Judge, Congressman or any other public servant with a "Sworn Oath" that has violated that oath can not be held accountable and REMOVED! Every Child Support Order In America Is Unconstitutional!!!! Let the lawsuits begin!

  16. Im from UK. How is this dunce woman in US office? LOL

  17. All the dislikes are Trump supporters

  18. @Evan S Biden bragged/talked about it, publicly. I watched it, myself. He openly told Journalists that he threatened Ukrainians.

  19. NERVOUS NANCY says " no one is above the law"? REALLY? Not even SLEEPY JOE & his millionaire son"? Senile, demented, incoherent " little ole wine drinker. " It's impossible for an HONEST man to go to Washington & become rich " MARK TWAIN!

  20. Won't this empower trump supporters? So what is the aim of the democrats

  21. I want to see Nancy panocha fired


  22. Finally what are we waiting for lest do it

  23. Absolutely true Nancy Pelosi! You, the Demoncrats & the Republican Rhinos ARE the Deep State & are the ones that need to be arrested! It is YOU & the DemoncRATS that haven't got a leg to stand on & consider yourselves above the law! President Trump has not committed any acts that call for impeachment. All of you are delusional pieces of humanity & need to be arrested on charges of treason against America, her people & America’s President; not to mention charges of defamation of character against a duly elected President, which I personally consider a treasonous act! YOU & all of the DemoncRATS & the Rhinos of the Republican Party ARE the Deep State!!! IT IS YOU that are attempting a coup against our duly elected President! This MUST be nipped in the bud immediately! ALL OF YOU must be charged, arrested & tried in a military tribunal, convicted & sentenced to death for treason against America, her President & her people! Frankly, if your actions had occurred during the 1800s, ALL OF YOU would have been hung for treason & there would have been no time lag & you would have had no appeals! The mainstream media needs to be charged also because they’re quite a willing party to this as they constantly denigrate President Trump for his staunch nationalism & have always been extremely pro DemoncRATS which represents total communism as it exists today. The Democratic Party today is NOT what it was at its inception. ALL of the mainstream media today is owned by only six major corporations. Rockefeller owns most of all the American news outlets & Rothchild owns most of all of the European news outlets!

  24. You hear that people? "No one is above the law". That means you better be inquiring about those fake "judges" for their OATHS OF OFFICE ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY Title IV-D (Child support) because they are CONTRACTORS and NOT actual judges. If Trump can be impeached for breaking his oath of office for allegedly violating the constitution, that means EVERY SINGLE GOVERNMENT ENTITY CAN AS WELL!! Wake up people!!! She laid a golden nugget.

  25. I didn't know she had the operation. I hope her new spine works out OK.

  26. Pelosi is a PIECE OF SHIT FROM THE SHIT STATE OF CALIFORNIA hope a 30 magnitute earthquake hits that shit state and sinks it

  27. Betrayal, Betrayal, Betrayal = TREASON

  28. Nancy Pelosi did not favor impeachment until the squad pressured her to it. Know now who the Speakers of the House truly are.

  29. DemoRATS are a embarrassment to our country. I'm sick of them.

  30. No ones above the law she said with a grin a mile wide. What ? She must think were all really naive. Of course there is a ton of them sorts of rats above the law. We see it here every day in these small townships of North Carolina. Warren County Va. just touches the outer fringes of what's going on around here. Above the law indeed. If there is no law, but what they chose for themselves to enforce and to whom they chose to enforce it on what sort of Government is that? That's what has been happening all over the southern US from La. to NC. It's in all the small townships. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Most noticeable in smaller towns and counties.
    Takes years to never to get someone to do anything about it. Mean while people that try get setup and thrown in county jails with bonds set way to high, They can't get out so they lose everything land, house, family, collected as unpaid taxes sold in public auctions. In NC you can sit for over two years waiting trail here. They offer an arrangement after 6 months. Plead guilty to what ever they say you did and go home or sit in jail 1.1/2 more. And that's the way it is. The poor get hit the worst as the counties gets government aid for inmates they house over 30 days. It's passed to the states then down to the counties and it's a hell of a lot more then you realize. It's all just big business here. That's the way real life is in small towns and counties in America today. NC is the only state out of all 50 that has no citizen arrest. Guess why that is.

  31. Good job, Pelosi. Lol at these dumb MAGAtards and Republicans are crying and screeching hysterically in the comments, unable to prove the Dems wrong again, because their corrupt criminal president is going to jail soon.

  32. They will not stop until they get Trump. This man has done nothing more than any other POTUS has done in the past.

  33. This fucking bitch starts with less than a million, now worth a half a billion. Are you above the law you lying skank?

  34. Who else would like to see the transcripts of the phone calls that you just KNOW are flying back and forth between these corrupt politicians.

  35. Is she wearing pedo earrings? Wasn't Shelia Jackson wearing a pedo ring?? Am I really seeing this?

  36. Of course, No one is above the law! except the Clintons😆

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