No one is winning under Biden: Paige Willey

Mark Simone and Paige Willey give their take on Biden’s ‘ultra MAGA’ rhetoric on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. Yes Joe Biden! America loves our MAGA King! Trump we need you back!🇺🇸

  2. This blithering Idiot in the WH doesn’t realize that under the MAGA King our country was thriving! God help our Country and have Brandon have a Cardiac Arrest!

  3. China Russia and all democrats are winning. The is old man is delusional

  4. If this In basil wins the next presidency, someone is definitely pulling all the strings. Wake up America.

  5. That's right trump is the mega king

  6. He is a liar over and over

  7. Who are the 38% that approve of Biden?

  8. Big liar! He increased national deficit to $32 T!!

  9. US leftist created a big disaster!

    – US intelligence community launches review, following Ukraine and Afghanistan intel failings!

    – Team Biden offered a ride to the President of Ukraine to pass this country to Putin as quickly as they gave Afghanistan to the Taliban!

    – Team Biden paid $200 M to the Taliban! The Taliban distributes international aid just to its fighters!

    – Team Biden struggles to address baby formula shortage after sending it to the illegal immigrants!

    – Mayorkas that made a disaster with welcoming 2 Millions aliens without any skill and security and health check up including global terrorists and drug and human traffic gangs to the US and spent Billions of $ to convert US to the Third world county, hired Nina Jankowicz!

    Her responsibility is to monitor all American comments in the media and speeches and arrest anybody that she does not like (the same as the dictatorship of Putin or the Iran regime)!

    – Young man fighting for life after cell phone thief shot him 3 times on Chicago's North Side!

    – The NYPD is searching for at least six suspects who stole hundreds of donated bulletproof vests that were intended to go to Ukraine from Ukraine headquarters congress commodity!!

  10. It’s hard to find a white supremacist when the person who came into power through white supremacy groups is in the Oval Office. Even Kamala called him on that in the primaries.

  11. I rather have another republican candidate, not Trump. I don't like him.

  12. The deficit did increase every year: Ryan copied Boehners budgets which were rubber stamped versions of Pelosi spending. I wish Trump had vetoed that first garbage coughed up by congress – republicans needed the correction.

  13. That’s right maga king! Upgraded unlike Biden the senile clumsy moron!

  14. Why don't you have what Trump said ?

  15. You are wrong the communists and all our enemies are winning .

  16. Everyone is losing under biden!!!!

  17. Who the hell is approving this idiot who ever is approving this guy you all need to this thru stop being ignorant on this switch to republican

  18. Well, we know who the maggot king is for sure.

  19. Bidens son is winning and so is Bidens wallet.

  20. The great Malarkey King is too gutless to even say Trump's name. Your done Biden, GO to Delaware and play with your dog, YOU ARE USELESS !

  21. That 38% represents the Biden campaign staff, Biden WH staff, and Biden Drop Box staff.

  22. Thank God every day that Graland is NOT on the Supreme Court.

  23. BIDEN has broken all record's for lies. How can anyone vote democrat after seeing the performance of the past 12 months. Trump will be back.

  24. Biden your nothing but HOT HOT HOT AIR! Do us a FAVOR AND QUIT!!!!

  25. no no no this headline is wrong. illegals and tailiban have won under biden

  26. Shut up Joe, everything out your mouth is a total LIE!!!.