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No Spider-Man deal between Disney and Sony | USA TODAY

Spider-Man may exit MCU, Sony and Disney don’t do deal.

Negotiations broke down between Disney and Sony Pictures for future Spider-Man films, sending fans into a panic.

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  1. Well as a enterprise student Disney is still a big monopoly

  2. Disney should Buy Sony as Punishment.

  3. As long as Tom is still gonna be the actor I’m good.

  4. Sony now has a chance to put Spiderman and Venom into one movie now. I could care less about homecoming or far from home. All I wanna see is interactions between Spiderman and Venom.

  5. Havent even seen any of the new spiderman movies

  6. Disney are satanic money and power hungry businessmen who are a predatory monopoly, of course im glad sony got spiderman back

  7. Disney – the Evil Empire strikes again

  8. Spider-man, Spider-man
    Does what ever a Spider can!
    No more taking inspiration from Tony
    Spider-man just got stole from sony
    Oh no! There goes the Spider-Man

  9. I say we take to the streets, whose with me?

  10. Is Andrew Garfield coming back

  11. Spiderman Films: "Mr. ___, I don't feel so good."

  12. Omg wtf
    Just after getting on the bus after school I got a notification in my Twitter about this I of course thought "naw can't be " Until a girl next seat on the bus saw her Instagram and was like "omg NO NO Spiderman isn't in the MCU anymore"other kids where like what ?!
    And checked out their phones to confirm and turns out yep 😭😭

  13. Sony could set it in another dimension that is one of the many earths and having him wear a classic costume with villains like the green goblin venom and other villains we haven’t seen on the big screen yet.

  14. Doesn't Disney have enough money in the bank anyway?

  15. Lol good thing o never watch any of the solo mcu flims of spiderman i even miss them during both the infinity and endgame day long marathons but still the whole tony stark mentor character arc is wasted now

  16. These r smart n greedy business men they will swallow there pride n realize what's good for the goose is good for the gander n make a deal they know Spidey is more important in the Disney n marvel studios then just sony. We the people have the last say cuz they want r money

  17. We siding with Disney because they make better movies then soney sorry ass

  18. What's this even mean? At least spiderman finished avengers endgame. . This is all a plan to get ready for venom vs spiderman

  19. Just a question. Where can i bully sony?

  20. It serves Disney right for what they did to poor Netflix, plus now every Marvel movie doesn’t have to be owned by Disney which leads to more diversity.

  21. The Amazon Rainforest has been burning for 3 weeks so far and still continues to burn…just so you know 20% of Earth's oxygen comes from that rainforest

  22. You think this is bad; do a little research on The Six Million Dollar Man….and THAT was a complete trashy mess of throwing away money like drunken sailors. A Theatrical movie, made well of The Bionic Man, would have spurred a giant, money-grabbing franchise….but no. I don't like you.

  23. I hope this turns out well. It would cool to see a Spidey world be developed by some smaller independent film makers.

  24. Marvel to Sony: can we do 50%-%50%

    Sony: Nah

  25. F**k Sony Spider-Man was my favorite hero of all time now he is going back to Sony he needs to be in the mcu of Disney

  26. Sony could run out of business, we get Spiderman mcu and PlayStation is dead sounds like a long term goal to get a win-win
    pc for the win

  27. Anything Disney touches turns to shit

  28. Spider-Man would’ve never been his own character in the MCU. He’d always have Stark involved somehow.

  29. this is just unexceptable just one big fat NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stan Lee would SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not want this

  30. Phew, good thing I don’t give a shit or I might be pissed.

  31. Marvel holds all the cards. Just hold out. SONY will make miserable super hero films like they always have. They make crappy movies. And Marvel will keep making billion$$$

  32. BRING TOBEY BACK…………………Yet, another failure, this movie sucked. Tom is a damn midget, the black Mary Jane is taller than him, the Asian looking boy is pointless and Indian Flash is horrible.

  33. My god stop giving disney everything.

  34. I'm sure if spider man was GAY Disney would jump on it

  35. I think that maybe Warner's & universal need to merge,start buying up the intellectual propertys of other great series of stories,fantasy novels,comic books,and other things and build a powerhouse that REALLY competes with those assholes at Disney. Warner's should be ashamed that they so horribly screwed up the DC comics movies with the exception of the Batman movies. I mean they just seemed to not care.

  36. The Amazon Rainforest has been burning for THREE weeks

  37. Why is everyone crying about this? Those are Business decisions. Get a life

  38. Couldn’t they just add Spider-Man to Venom

  39. Everyone needs to relax, Spiderman's not going anywhere, he's worth too much money

  40. Everybody’s gangsta until somebody actually stands up to the Disney monopoly. Then everyone’s licking boots

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