Thursday , August 11 2022

NOAA report on US sea level rise a 'wake-up call' | ABCNL

ABC News Meteorologist Melissa Griffin breaks down a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report showing high-tide flooding is rising at concerning levels across the U.S. coastlines.

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  1. The rich jackasses screaming about climate change don't seem too worried about it when they're buying beachfront property…..

  2. Crazy they said the same thing in 1970 yet here we are.

  3. Lmao leading scientist and even the creator of the weather channel says climate change is a myth to put you in fear. Ask yourself why none of these people crying about climate change Won’t have real debates with scientist on this subject?? The United States leads the world in the least carbon emissions you want climate change to stop but no one will say anything to China Japan Afghanistan or any other countries that are dumping millions of tons of carbon into our atmosphere every day instead they want the American people to live in fear of something that just isn’t real. It’s a money maker.

  4. Will we get to see Hussein O's Martha's Vineyard house we bought him under water?

  5. I hope I live long enough to see this happen, can't wait.

  6. Climate has been changing since the beginning of the earth. Where do you think the Great Lakes came from? It’s not going to stay the same people.

  7. What can America do if the leaders of the world will do nothing to stop the destruction China and India are doing to the planet… or maybe this is a scam and that is why the western countries of the world do nothing about China and Indias pollution. It’s one of the other it can’t be both.

  8. 50 years ago the "experts" were calling for the next ice age, by now. The "sky" has been "falling", for a very very long time now. It's always been better advice to follow the money, not the science, if you want the truth.

  9. Yeah sure 😂🤣
    We used to call it high tides now ignorance is bliss , build right on the coast ✅🌮

  10. Hahaha….we've been getting "wake up calls" for 40 years. It's already to late to stop human extinction.

  11. ABC news and mainstream media pushes this climate change they met this world here and talking shyt about climate change.Deep state puppets.

  12. This is not from climate change

  13. This will be from Antarctica

  14. It will rise 38 feet by 2023

  15. So where is the real PROOF we (people) are causing the global warming and not natural solar or geological cycles?

  16. Don't worry we're not going to do anything at all until everything is underwater and fingers point the blame at stupid people in power.

  17. A whole bunch of BS. Everything is a "Troubeling report"…… These mofos aint worth sxhit

  18. Please talk about Ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees

  19. China, India, Russia aren’t listening so IF it is caused by mankind—there’s nothing we can do. I think we believe we hold too much power. Our Sun is the controlling factor, IMHO.

  20. Don't buy beach front property dumb ass

  21. You heard a desalinization all these cities and states that have droughts and have water problems two birds with one stone dumbass

  22. Does this mean al gore, John Kerry and barrack Obama are selling their multi million dollar beach front properties?

  23. "When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money." – Alanis Obomsawin

  24. Why does Obama live on the ocean?

  25. The world was supposed to freeze over in 2000 don’t piss me off

  26. Could be from you queefing this morning

  27. Not everything is fucking linear if it happened over the last thousand years it’s not gonna necessarily happen over the next thousand years

  28. Lol anyone who was gonna wake up has already

  29. Quick, sell your beachfront property to republicans, cause they think it's all a hoax. Remember to take pictures of the property on low tide, and open houses on that time also.

  30. False report people, the Obama's spent millions to live on the waters edge so if there was any truth to sea levels rising the Obama's debunked the phony scare. Remember all these scare mongers are heavily invested in renewable energy and tend to make a fortune off the backs of hard working people around the world

  31. Lemming's going off the cliff, the recent earth rotation change means more is on the way. F. Miller

  32. They will take a look at solutions in 2045

  33. Just move back from the coast a few feet….. Why are they pushing this so hard?

  34. Maybe Obama and Biden should sell their Beach front property..

  35. We may need to consider blowing up the moon

  36. 2050? Really? What about 2022? No info because it doesn't fit the "global crisis" that you predict everyday. Electric cars powered by windmills won't change it. But you don't report that either

  37. The freezer is broken on a hot day and running out all over the kitchen and downstairs to the neighbors below. Read the other comments. They are sharp.

  38. Just get back or continually rebuild the coastline. The water seeks a way. Good luck. Cleopatra's neighborhood is also under water. Can't have cars and factories and safe living too. You also couldn't wash your clothes now with a scrubboard or grow your own wheat to bring to the mill. You wouldn't have time to go to work. Make good choices.

  39. Reminds me of commedian whats her name, which made a piece on this and the Florida citizens she interviewed all thought it was just the usual erosion and climate change was a hoax.