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‘Nobody Needs That’: Biden Calls To Ban Assault Weapons With High-Capacity Magazines | NBC News

During an address from the White House rose garden, President Biden called for a ban on assault weapons with high-capacity magazines, citing that law enforcement said they feel “out gunned” in active shooter situations.
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‘Nobody Needs That’: Biden Calls To Ban Assault Weapons With High-Capacity Magazines | NBC News


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  1. OMG biden get prepared for the war that was a big mistake because people aint giving you there guns

  2. Ignore the handgun crime completely in order to go after a statistically lower rifle crime. That should say it all.

  3. "Nobody needs that"?? Really? Then WHY DO THEY EXIST, bonehead?! Why bother banning them if nobody needs them? The answer: you don't want anyone to have them when they DO need them. (And they will, if you keep this up.)

  4. You're supposed defend your life by shooting criminals in the leg when they attack you and they're supposed to stop their attack and stand still while you reload…..I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.

  5. Most gun crimes happen with handguns and shotguns. Morons.

  6. Learn how to control your Citizens Americans Europeans Caucasians. Yeah you need it. To The Box Carts you go.

  7. The "elites" will always make regulations for the test of us

  8. This administration had become tyrannical!

  9. Never been so sickened and disgusted by what is happening to this country. But when you have "the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics"… this is what you get.

  10. He right,Get rid of that right to carry law.

  11. You don’t get to make that decision for us, Joe. You’re not getting our guns

  12. Punish gun owner and let the criminals get high on legal weed this is stupid

  13. I hope the people who support this become a statistic when someone breaks into their home because they voted to ban something that could’ve prevented that

  14. if they say they care about blacks, they dont. if they say you dont need it, you do.


  16. 科學<<<H1/3 丁17,K Pray L***,50丁…,…,………………..North Korea…

  17. cops have the same access to weapons and armor provided by their agency the same as what I can buy in a gun store. We’re equal. What’s the issue? It’s not like grenades are getting slung at cops. Jesus Christ.

  18. It's not about what people "need" in anyone's opinion, it's about people having a RIGHT to have these things. What part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED isn't clear enough? Any regulation is infringement.

  19. Glad I live in a state where we don’t listen to comrade Joe

  20. No joe, insert creepy voice, they do need that, they do need that.

  21. Always a touchy subject, but I never like or care for guns. And I can understand NRA argument of it not being the gun that's the problem w/mass shootings. But that problem is and always will be access. And never knowing when someone will snap. But there may be one thing we all can agree, we'll always be at war with one another.

  22. Nobody needs that? Has Joe Biden seen our southern border lately?! Oh wait no he hasn't.

  23. Biden is just begging for an uprising.

  24. Democrats are all about CONTROL, especially when it comes to anything that they don't understand…… and they don't understand firearms! First of all, the term "assault weapon" is pure BS and it implies aggressive action. Law abiding citizens don't initiate aggressive action; they use any weapon for self-defense! Secondly, AR15 type firearms are all watered-down versions of military weapons. They're made to look threatening for a purpose….. that being to ignite fear in a person who is a threat! Biden is full of ignorance, misinformation, and pure Democrat BS!

  25. This country is going downhill this is only the beginning

  26. The only use for high capacity magazines I can think of is feral hog eradication.

  27. Oh no now the AFT is involved in taking our AR14s!!

  28. sooo that means The 19th amendment is "Not Absolute"?

  29. 0:30 this is just a lie… police are almost never against "assault weapons" or even complients…

  30. good luck at getting rid of the millions of guns in America.

    You're not getting mine I can promise you that.

  31. So the AFT is coming after my AR14?

  32. Why would you ban assault weapons if all the weapons that was used by them perps before are actually semi auto pistols or open bolt smgs?

  33. If the government says "you don't need that", you do.

  34. Sorry Joe. Our weapons protect us from people like you. Go pound sand, kiddie!

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