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North Carolina authorities deliver an update as Hurricane Dorian advances on Carolinas

Hundreds of thousands of coastal residents of the Carolinas have been packing up or already fled their homes ahead of Hurricane Dorian’s arrival.


The National Hurricane Center warned the center of the Category 3 storm will continue to move close to the coast of South Carolina through the day, and then move near or over the coast of North Carolina (Thursday night) and Friday.”

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  1. I m in outer Banks NC it has done nothing just rain that is it news make fault claims

  2. my daughter is using this as a grade 6 geography homework topic.

  3. I realize that these officials are trying to do the best they can at their jobs. However, they must understand that worried, nervous and desperate people are watching this broadcast hoping for news to help their situation. Is it too much to ask, please slow down and repeat important information. Give the listeners time to digest the information. Especially key phone numbers.

  4. His voice reminds me of Mr Rodgers

  5. They Couldn't find even one woman to promote to leadership? We have to see 6 men and no women in charge? Again and again. Discouraging. to say nothing of them all being white …….

  6. Yep you sound just like Jesus. I could just picture those words coming from his mouth.

  7. I have a wedding on the beach on Sunday in Emerald Isle…flying into Jacksonville NC tomorrow… Maybe?

  8. Its shut down in the Name of Jesus Christ ….. hit the wicked city … NYC

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