Tuesday , September 22 2020
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North Korea Could Have Submarine Capable Of Launching Nuclear Missiles | NBC Nightly News

Satellite images suggest that North Korea could be building a submarine that’s capable of launching ballistic missiles, according to two national security experts.
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North Korea Could Have Submarine Capable Of Launching Nuclear Missiles | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Who thinks Kim Jong un should use money for food and maybe give them some of his food Whose with me he might end up like his dad and grandpa heart attack

  2. Tramp does no what to do with North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, can't go to war with 3 countries at once, unless he was to cause a world war

  3. let him have whatever he wants we have better quality and more quantity 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Webkingston


    1 second ago

    Webkingston Company Views – donald trump if you saw this Video you need to be A man of the Whole World' Do your Job Us All do and his Job' For No Complain. Any Words at you say is your Miss Up Of live of Human Being. Why can you not do A action for North Korea' Because your are Scary of your dream One day. You realize that you Miss Up. Chance is good but you scary nothing Happened on your Life.

  5. If Trump doesn't cut off this work…

  6. we have your story already. North Korea is going to put America lights out causing chaos. and that's when you bring order and the new world order.

  7. NK did more nuclear tests under Obama's "strategical patience," than under any other president's term. Trump was inherited with all the mess, but somehow he's got NK checkmated now. Many Democratic politicians and liberal news media called Trump a war-monger at the beginning of his term in regards to his dealing with NK. Now, they want him to bomb NK. Well, it is funny that now Trump is endorsed by the Democratic party to bomb and invade NK.

  8. Если это правда, то рад за КНДР

  9. Trump is letting Kim do whatever as long as Kim's cronies glorify Trump on social media. This is Trump's so called "Art of the Deal."

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  11. Donald Trump is the worst negotiator of all time. He's given North Korea free reign to continue to develop and test nuclear weapons and missiles and now a North Korean sub that could launch nuclear weapons off of any US coast. Take a moment and imagine if Obama were president and all this happened under his watch. Conservatives would be popping blood vessels and having heart attacks. But it's little lying Trump so they are silent. Trump is the worst president ever. Bar none no one is even close.

  12. Resume talks. As the great Homie the 🤡, would say " Homie Don't Play That "

  13. lmao we could glass the whole world 5 times since the 80's. do not let this make you lose sleep 😂

  14. good maybe we can re-sign the INF Treaty.

  15. It doesn't take a psychiatrist to see that Jong-Un is a vicious, psychopathic dictator. Why can't Trump see it?

  16. Donald Trump love Kim and he will not do anything about it.

  17. Trump will call it a beautiful thing.

  18. While trump talk about his love letter from Kim Jong un

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