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North Korea fires another round of test missiles l ABC News

North Korean officials say the two missiles fired are in response to upcoming U.S. and South Korean military exercises.

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  1. why us stop north korea?same nuclear weapon..ready to lunch..

  2. We( USA) are in clearly and fast decline now meanwhile China has been taken our place as a new world leader along with the Russians and China and Russia are allies with the Iranians and N korea!

  3. Trump is a pussy. Time to send the codes to the subs and make that place disappear. Enough is enough.

  4. Trump won again. He told Kim that Kim can build nukes and fire missiles all he wants and if Kim doesn’t like it too bad

  5. Shut-up Kim, you got nothing.

  6. Trump is the first President to call NK on it's annual shakedown operation. NK does some bellicose ranting and they get free grain and fuel. Usually when joint US/S Korea military exercises happen Kim trash talks like Conor Mcgregor at a weigh in. This time he was unusually placid, saying the test was … "adequate warning"

  7. Same old don't give a fuck..he wants to start a war..

  8. North Korea should work with South and attack Japan.

  9. oh poor trump he lost his good friend !!!! 2 stupid assholes…

  10. Trump and little Kim are back to loving each other.
    Kim wrote Trump a beautiful letter.

  11. American here ✋🏼 Let Rocket Man fire his rockets. We do it everyday 🙃 So who gives a flying fuck! Pun intended….

  12. Lucky for the world none of these rockets can get past the dome

  13. Big deal. NK knows that if they were to launch at another country, they would be totally annihilated. They are just toying and the news is eating it up.

  14. What… did the USA run out of money again

  15. Take out Iran and North Korea gets my vote.

  16. At his age you have to test fire the rockets once in awhile to make sure they still work.

  17. Nobel Nobel 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Keep playing with me don’t you know I’m loco

  19. Meanwhile we Indians launched chandrayan 2 💁😎 and a first earth rotation video

  20. Lol this meat head thinks he's a news broadcaster, but real Americans know he's a former lineman now a propaganda artist.

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