North Korea fires missiles as U.S., South Korea military drills end

North Korea has launched multiple cruise missiles into the Sea of Japan as the largest joint military drills between the U.S. and South Korea in five years comes to end. NBC News’ Josh Lederman reports from Seoul. 

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  1. North and South Korea should hold joint drills to show each other they can shoot each other's missiles down.

  2. Doesn't matter your stance on this situation.
    The fact still remains that hundreds of thousands are skin and bones and malnourished dying of sickness in ways people can't imagine.
    And Kim jong UN throws money into the ocean for some war game intimidations

  3. WHORAHHHHH lets kick the tyres and light the fires big daddy

  4. Meanwhile China is uniting with Russia and mid eastern countries, soon china's military presence will be known in these regions to counter NATO, and this administration will encourage it

  5. If a missile leaves NK it showed be shot down. Tell Kim he is not going to be attacked but keep his junk in his yard.

  6. its like Kim sending msg to russia an china but never heard. its like the kid noone wants to play with and he acts out. Kim last to know whats goin on

  7. The art of war is death.

  8. Better keep up on with everything 24/31.

  9. What are we being distracted from this time?

  10. After a bottle of vodka.

  11. Get ready for lies from north Korea. Just to start . Putin is doing the same. Lies. And what good is a warrant and arrest of the old geeser. Who well .

  12. So yea why havnt we gotten shelters

  13. North Korea are insects.

  14. DEMOCRATIC COMMUNIST SOCIALIST PARTY LOVES WAR ..LOOK AT THE TOP 10 dictators ,, the butcher trillions of people

  15. Awe Kim not getting the attention he wants, china and russia getting all the coverage. 😲😲😲

  16. Why this country loves war so much

  17. Maybe Kim Jung un will visit his homie Trump in prison… 😂

  18. They should be charged for littering the ocean! That's a lot of artillery being dumped into the sea

  19. Has anyone told North Korea that no one wants to attack them! They don't have anything that anyone wants!

  20. As people starve and kept like prisoners in North Korea

  21. Shut up and stop provoking. Y'all are fake news.

  22. F the soldier's ask the Marines ❤

  23. This message is to all the world leaders who wants to start a war with each other. I say put down the weapons and fight like a man, lace up the boxing gloves 🥊🥊 step inside the the ring and duke it out and may the best man wins.. leave us innocent people out of your war.. they won't lace up the boxing gloves. Cause they too skeered to fight like a man. 🥊😆🥊

  24. I asking my self, ? What will happen to the civilians in South Korea if by mistake from both sides start a military confrontacion, ? How many millions of innocents civilians will by sacrifice for stupid war shows.

  25. how cute he putting on a firework parade to celebrate the military drills

  26. In your reporting in the future, please explain how the "demilitarized" zone is the most "highly fortified" area?

  27. Imagine if all the countries just pointed there nukes at the US lol gg US

  28. My husband is out there , 😢


  30. So it's to meant to hit the oceans, not US. Why the annoying title

  31. Ummm what military on this planet that DOES NOT FIRE MISSILES, GUNS or conduct drills? NEVER GIVE UP YOUR WEAPONS!

  32. The only way to get nukes out of North Korea is to take it from them.

  33. Why can’t South Korea take on North Korea one on one fair fight why does the u.s have to get involved in everything

  34. America 🇺🇸 values? ??????

  35. Fire burns flesh repent Jesus christ is our soon coming king repent

  36. Bible prophecies fulfilling why worry Jesus christ the son of God warn us before his coming repent Jesus christ is our soon coming king repent

  37. This war must fight Bible prophecies repent Jesus christ is our soon coming king repent