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North Korea rings in 2021

A fireworks display above Pyongyang closed out the year 2020.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Every firework fired could have been a few meals for its citizens

  2. no democracy: play with fire. May be executed: shot and killed.

    The great George Washington,

    retired: out of power, become a commoner.

    who finished his term, had to take leave for John Adams to take over.

      mr.trump opposed and manipulated parties to destroy America

    Mr. Trump betrayed his fatherland and mr.trump did not love America. mr.trump is reactionary and selfish.trump get rich only for the sake of individualism.

     The 14th Amendment forbids reactionaries from participating in rebellions to overthrow the regime or to rebel into parliament. He called trump the fascist dictator.

    corruption and tax evasion.

    Cyrus Vance, said that the public accusations of President trump's misconduct "piled up like a mountain."

    Trump and his businesses. trump on charges of tax fraud and tax evasion for more than 10 years.

    Trump spread covid to many people in the white house and Trump killed many Americans.

    Perhaps the sentence Trump is first is more suitable (than the sentence 

    of America first with devil trump)

    Trump is taking care of Christmas. And the people take care of their own lives.

    The evil king (devil trump).

    trump caused infection: 

    19.745.674 cases

    Trump kills Americans: trump kill



    + >= 19.745.674

    +>= 341.801 death.



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  3. All that money on fireworks, with so many in that country starving to death…. sad sad.

  4. My local fireworks display lasts longer.

  5. Nobody:

    Not even single soul:

    North korea people: Celebrate cause there are no covid 19 cases

    Me: Am i joke to you?

  6. Well would you look at that .. everyones wearing a mask! The rest of us could learn a thing or two from them.

  7. North 🇰🇵 Koreans media, CCP "IS" INSANE.


  9. Couldn't they just detonate a nuke in the sky

  10. Don't wast your time watching this video of ABC's communist friends' mediocre and probably fake New Year fireworks, here's the the damning evidence about Hunter Biden's computer hard drive that the Left lamestream media doesn't want you to see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RghZDaea1iM

  11. the music sounds like some piped-in music from 70 or 80's japananese ani

  12. Those throwing insults and criticism should be ashamed of yourself.
    United States are the culprit that split Korea apart.
    Read the HISTORY not propaganda news from United States!!!

  13. 처음에는 해킹 당한 줄 알았다구요…미국 방송에서 북한 방송 ㅋㅋ

  14. Welcome all our dear leader Donald Tru- I mean kim jong un

  15. The supreme leader said they must be excited

  16. Everything is a lie, they were developing fireworks and not Weapon of Mass Destruction

  17. Did they pay for that show with American money that was sent over to them from our wonderful taxpayers of the United States From the bullshit Covid relief bill

  18. Boy its said when Korea out does america

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