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November jobs report shows slowed growth

ABC News Political Director Rick Klein talks about weak job growth amid a new push for a COVID-19 relief bill.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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    Not disrespect, just for relax, verbal misstep combination for Joe Biden……..

  2. Let’s defund the political offices in our cities.

  3. Maybe optimism would increase if McTurtle would allow another round of stimulus payments

  4. This is great news for McTurtle in the senate… he wants to punish us for not giving Trump a second term

  5. This guy is a joke. PRESIDENT TRUMP had Americans working until the CHINA Joe Virus accidentally got released in and election year

  6. More Proof of Fraud Ruby Freeman please share this!!

  7. You think everything is closed.

  8. Young man you sound stupid.

  9. Байдан табе не избежать наказание Божьего

  10. Media elect Biden is nothing yet. Why do you think anyone has to listen to him? Biggest joke ever, not counting the media.

  11. How could he have ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT sleepy joe HAS NO POWER YET or maybe EVER

  12. The commie-democrats
    are TRYING to
    steal the election!

  13. Reason unemployment lowered cause they cut us Nov 1st that's why unemployment dropped told me I could sign up again Dec 26 which is a lie

  14. Donald trump continues to destroy the US economy in his final days of power..
    Trump is more worried about who he is going to pardon, than the economy or the lives of our citizens..

  15. Joe Biden will never be in the White House , never! President Trump will be in his 2nd term .

  16. I have the virus thanks to Democrats and the ccp creating it. They created it so they can do mail in voting and cheat. Evil scum. Over 100k have died because of Democrats.

  17. What can’t be overstated. You haven’t shown he’s done anything .
    My way or no way is your Speaker Nancy.
    He’s not the President so him saying anything doesn’t matter.
    Shut up the both of you are liars and very.bad actors. You
    Better get better then that at acting if your going to aid in this treasonous charade that’s going on .You might want to check the laws and the details of those laws about what it is when you aid in a treasonous acts involving foreign entities .because that’s what y’all are doing so yeah good luck with that.

  18. Please the President gave it his approval yesterday. He’s a liar

  19. Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  20. Hes no presadent .hes a crook

  21. Whoa, really? It couldn't possibly be due to the draconian lockdown measures by Democrats…..OH FUCKING WAIT, YES IT IS.

  22. SLEEPY JOE . keep on sleeping.

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