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New Mexico officials charge Alec Baldwin with involuntary manslaughter in the “Rust” movie shooting, college students install a Plan B vending machine on their campus, the chief investigator of the Jan. 6 committee says the government had intel to prevent the Capitol attack, and the astronauts who first flew a SpaceX capsule receive a Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

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  1. Why don't they give them plastic gun

  2. sarah huckabe sanders
    what ya mean someone hired her?

  3. i'm thinkin that the prosecutor in this case is eying running for election

  4. By the way she wasn't black, and neither is Baldwin.

  5. This is not the fault of Alec Baldwin, this is absolutely ludacris! It's the production set of the film itself, end of story.

  6. Why aren't people as enraged about the killing, torturing and dismemberment of unborn babies as they are about cops killing a black man. Our disregard and support for abortion creates our inhumane love for life of any age.

  7. Alec Baldwin is a coward. If he felt bad he would take the sentence and enjoy his millions when he gets out. He pulled the trigger. Now sit for the crime.

  8. Plan B in vending machines…that's great! That will ruffle some feathers.

  9. Alec Baldwin is not guilty of a crime.

  10. R.I.P TYRE 🙏🏾✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽🤬🥲💔

  11. 🙏🏾✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽🤬🥲💔

  12. What did we Learn from all this? We Learned that we should lay on our stomach when the police arrest us!! They want to handcuff you when you are completely laying on your stomach. Got it. Then they won't hurt any of us. Stop being afraid to go to jail overnight for 9 to 15 hours. You'll be out soon. Be cool and lay completely on your stomach. ☮️✝️

  13. I live in Utah. Where I live there is a high water table. My father was a gernermon carpenter. Several times I've tried to tell thees Mormon leaders to put there foundations accordingly. They dismiss me. How would I know I a woman. Sure enough the structure leeks. Mormon bishop asked my dad to over see building of church house. While he was doing it. The bishop went behind his back and told the worker on the other side of the building to do it different. To this day the water leeks on that side. My dad was so mad. So he sold the bishop s hammer. It was given to me. Then someon stoled my stolden hammer

  14. I really, really dont like alec Baldwin but I think charges against him, or at least the reasonings for it, are ridiculous. He should most definitely get SOMETHING for the continuous lying about the trigger, BUT. He isnt the one in charge of the weapon. Even if he missed training, he was told the gun wasnt loaded with anything real. No one had any reason to think it was. He was TOLD to aim it at the camera (for the shot they were filming). All these reasons they're trying to charge him are just pathetic. He is an ACTOR. not the weapons person, not the director telling him what to do and where to aim. His entire job is to show up and do what hes told. He isnt in charge of any of that. Again, I hate the dude and I hope he gets some sort of something for lying all the time about not touching the trigger. But he absolutely shouldn't be charged for the reasons they're charging him.

  15. ALL women should thank the men of ww2' for their sacrifices and giving their lives so women, who aren't capable of hand to hand combat or carrying a 100 lb 50 caliber machine gun 20 Miles up mountains and through jungles

  16. Funny how Suzy the riveter with her BICEPS showing and a ruff look inher face because she had eaten her breakfast at home and taken a ride to the warm dry safe factory is used to make it appear she' stood on her own as strong and brave as the Men while the men fought in the jungles and faced bombs and withering machine guns artillery etc and died horrible painful deaths so the women would be safe and now say they sacrificed and fought and were in danger of death as much as the Men.. these women make me sick to my stomach!!!

  17. No women fought for our Freedom in ww,2 the Men fought and died while the women were safe and working for good wages in the factory.

  18. How many women were in the combat zone fighting the Japanese and Germans in WW2. ZERO.. How MANY women say the men who fought and died for these WOMEN'S freedom call these MEN racist and mysoginistic. 90%

  19. Poor Tyre 😓😓😓
    That boy did nothing wrong 😓😓😓

  20. NOW Tonight – January 31

  21. You don't even point a toy gun at anyone. Baldwin was reckless and should have know better.

  22. 🙏🙏Rest Young Man 🙏🙏