Tuesday , June 28 2022

NOW Tonight with Joshua Johnson – May 23 | NBC News NOW

President Biden says the U.S. will defend Taiwan if China invades, early voter turnout is up 212 percent from 2020 in Georgia’s primary, and Volodymyr Zelenskyy says Ukraine is losing up to 100 soldiers per day.

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  1. Why does the Republican's get so many options? They have idea's and plans. The only plan Democrats have is, "We don't like TRUMP, We're running to keep TRUMP out! And what else? Does your plan have anything to help the state. No, Were gonna stop Trump.. Yeah, it's not popularity killing DEMS. It's you bring Sh!t to the table! Absolutely no freaking plan to help out.

  2. Correction: the USG is not defending Taiwan, it's using Taiwan to attack China as it's using Ukr as a pawn to fight Russia.
    The USG is envious of China's progress instead of being pleased that a country has worked hard to improve and upgrad the lives of millions of its own poor people + helping other countries to invest in their own infrastructure without causing wars and destroying their infrastructure and forgetting that while it's been doing this, the USG has been constantly in war, proxy war, regime change, destruction or other atrocities with many countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yamen, Syria, Mayanmar, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, etc, etc
    It is wrong for the USG aiming to destroy and stop advances made in any country to keep them backward, then install it's own puppet in order to sell them arms, train their armies, and exploit people & their resources. Sadly, the USG has shown being incapable to resolve any conflicts in this world. On the contrary it fuels conflicts so it can make financial gains from people's misery. Take Israel and Palastine, Yaman and Saudi as an example, so simple to resolve those conflicts but the USG' policy is to sustain the conflict as more chaos and hatred among ME countries help the USG in selling more arms and training armies. It's funding, arming and training Taiwan, similar to Ukr, Israel, etc as it's own bases for increasing conflicts not for peace . It left Afganistan in total misery, worse than before after 20 years, incapable to even change its infrastructure making the life better for ordinary people! It shows how wrong their aims are! They simply cannot build nations and empower people to help themselves!!!
    It's truly sad that USG is being only recognised as a hostile, belligerant party among NATO allies, QUAD, in ME, many Latin American countries. A party not wanting peaceful solutions but one using threat, sanctions and bullying which only leaves nations (individual human beings) poor like Cuba, Venezuela just because they want to stay independent from the US?! This is truly sad to be hostile to any progress anywhere, looking constantly to dominate and be in control. That's sadly the only policy regardless who is in the WH!! Well, the style and approach may be different, not the aim. It's so bizarre that they spend huge amount of money, going round the world to choose allies only for war not for peace and sadly bully and threaten those not rolling on their commands which is utterly undemocratic. Very, very, very sad indeed. One wonders why on earth they don't want to grasp that the planet must be shared equally and their beliefs in wanting to exercise global unipolarity order is unrealistic, undemocratic, warmongering, uncivilized and unworkable. The pleasure must be and is in the balance, respecting each other's rights & security with mutual understanding and compromises, in trading fairly through sound and reasonable negotiations, in allowing nations to build and advance peacefully with neutrality, rather than bullying or sanction them to take sides, in thinking logically that our beautifully diversed human race has the same human rights as ours, no race or religion is above the others and no god is racist, prejudiced or bigoted to bless one more than the other or promise them anything different from others!

  3. 12:43 Oh my! You don't even have the guts to call her real name – Republic of China. Em… maybe you are right, the "One China Policy" means deleting ROC and admitting PRC then encouraging Taiwan people to hate Mainland people, and try to make war between them. Oh how good and brilliant you are!

  4. Wait for seconds, where is the Republic of China?🥺 Why do people keep talking about Taiwan only? How about Penghu, Jinmen, and Mazu?🧐 Do not you guys worry about these territories of ROC being invaded by CCP?😱

  5. China gave you a warning. You better listen to it

  6. Our country is a shitshow if we can't even feed our babies

  7. God didn't invent religion

  8. Love you Joshua Johnson! Your real news

  9. I’m so sickened by the extremes in both parties, I admit that I feel like throwing in the towel at times. But I already KNOW my adult children will drag me kicking (and screaming Yiddish curses) to the polls this autumn. Maybe I’ll go vote— if they promise to take me out for a chocolate malt after. Or maybe a double martini. Or maybe both.

  10. Biden is bought and paid for he is in the pocket of CCP

  11. This president is flop weakness making enemies no respect. It's so scary America under threats cause we have weak president.

  12. CCP is laughing at Biden because they own Biden

  13. Biden put his foot in his mouth by answering any questions about anything he is not working!

  14. Funny how CCP can say that Japan and Philippines are China and then Australia this is crazy! CCP must be dealt with ASAP!

  15. C'mon this baby formula shortage is because American's couldn't manage a party at a brewery.

    This is not a supply issue, this is supply at higher cost exploitation.

  16. Open Google Earth and you see how close Taiwan is to China and how far Hawaii and Samoa are from the US.

    Chinese sea border countries have collaborated with China for thosands of years. Belt and Road is the Silk road.

    Are there Chinese in the American sea? There is no American sea. Is that why Americans want to control the South China sea?

    Hawaii is a beautiful set of islands where bombs are big splashes you make when you jump from a pier or the rock at Waimea Bay.

  17. USA WAR MONGER!!! Used to think they are Champion of Peace & Democracy. Those days are over. Wake up people, Its the worst country if it doesn't change real quick.

  18. Hyperinflation, shortages, rampant crime, pervasive corruption, tens of billions wasted on stupid wars, these are all hallmarks of Biden regime.

  19. Both Ukraine and Taiwan threatening and invasion is a reflection of the USA belligerent blustery and physical use of nuclear weapons and chemical weapons contrary to Treaties instituted by scientists to initiate survival. These countries China and Russia do not have a voice in the USA and western society. So massive release of VX nerve agent and massive use of nuclear weapons is not mentioned. Mongolian plateau evacuation and tidal waves in the Arctic Ocean are not mentioned. If we prosecute Elon Musk and advisors to the executive branch for their betrayal and treason against the people of the USA. The invasion and saber rattling should stop.