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NTSB shares details on Dale Earnhardt Jr. plane crash | USA TODAY

The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement Friday that the plane carrying Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his family experienced a “hard landing, bounced, departed the runway and caught fire” on Thursday.


Earnhardt Jr., his wife, Amy, and daughter, Isla, and two pilots survived the fiery plane crash at the Elizabethton Municipal Airport in Tennessee. The Cessna 680A Citation Latitude, a 10-seat plane owned by Earnhardt, ran off a 5,000-foot runway before going down a ditch and through a chain-link fence.

Earnhardt was taken to a local hospital for observation with no serious injuries. He has since been discharged.

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  1. Go arounds are free; well almost free.

  2. A go around in free. Use it. Could have been all fatalities. Your thought in a citation. If the first 500-1000 ft arnt in reverse thrust u go around period. I wasn’t there I feel for pilots and the errors made. Could happen to any of us who fly

  3. Crazy. Wants to leave NASCAR to take care of himself and then he gets in a plane don't make sense glad he's okay though and his family. His dad must really been looking down on him

  4. Kills me that USA Today only mentions his condition and not his family. Lame

  5. June bug!!! Hope y’all are doing good

  6. Was it just me or did that cop seem like Ricky Bobby trying give an interview?


  8. Why didn't they show the footage of Earnhardt Jr. running away leaving his child and wife?

  9. Wow they all are ok🙏🙏🙏 Thanks GOD

  10. good.thing the door opened if it was jammed.bye bye to all im glad the lil baby lived

  11. A pilots worst day. My dad was a pilot and he used to say,” Any landing you can walk away from was a good landing.”

  12. sink rate! sink rate! sink rate!

  13. Amy and JR is out if here and the pilot gets the baby to safety behind them.

  14. Thank you God, for keeping them all safe.

  15. That runway is 3800 feet and the planes minimums balanced field length is 4030.. go figure

  16. Gave up racing bc of his fear of injury or worse death now he almost gets killed in a plane crash being a broadcaster.. Should've stuck with racing.. This family has some bad luck. Makes you wonder..

  17. What did Dale Earnhardt Jr. know about the Clintons

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