Saturday , January 23 2021
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Nunes calls out Swalwell's 'hypocrisy' following alleged relationship with spy

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-CA, calls out Rep. Eric Swalwell, R-CA, for calling Trump a “Russian asset”, while being compromised by a Chinese spy. #FoxBusiness #Dobbs

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  1. Defund the DOJ and the FBI get rid of the corrupt basterds the do nothing waist of tax payers money

  2. You know if a guy will put his own flesh and blood in harm's way to make a buck do you really think he has any loyalty to this country

  3. Swalwell must immediately be removed from the Intel. committee!

  4. Well they pulled all their election shenanigans since 2012 and in many ah hum blue states and cities. And so why not do it on steroids to take over America! But not so fast!!

  5. In one of the recent joe biden’s televised appearance, at the back of the blue background wall of his office, is a red brick walls that indicates that joe biden’s office is actually “HIS BASEMENT”. But that doesn’t concern joe one bit. You see, he’s looking forward to moving to his new office soon. Not in the white house though as some might think it is. No, he is moving to his new office in “ALCATRAZ”. It will be opened in a barely operational status just for him and his co-conspirators in this mombo jumbo fiasco of a fraudulent election. Complete with his usual blue backdrop and a podium with seal that says “OFFICE OF THE CRIMINAL PRESIDENT-WANNABE”.

  6. You don’t have a chauffeur for that many years & not know he is a spy! But I remember there were pictures of her in China!

  7. I believe Diane Feinstein is a Communist!

  8. From a little guy sitting back watching all of this are you freaking kidding me what is going on in our country that's been going on for decades Ludacris.🇺🇸

  9. Truth And Justice! Stop the steal open your eyes

  10. The only thing the government has to do is look at my career TV news and look at what's happening to me right now.

  11. No, Devon, whose been to Russia? Who uses Russian talking points, day after day, year after year?


    that democrats own most of the wealth in USA but Republicans own most of the area. Only a few counties in the USA control the blue states.

  14. You can't make this up… The name of the Chinese compromised congressman is Swalwell(swollen/well swollen), and the spy's name is Fang-fang (snakes/Viper, fangs).

  15. Pelosi, Biden, and the Democrats are all comprised by China. They're all on the payroll.

  16. If a politician had and or worked with a Chinese person who turns out to be a spy and or passing information that politician should be investigated and potentially prosecuted.

    Biden has been compromised, hence he should not be president.

  17. All of our leadership has been bought out for 40 years.

  18. We know the democrats lie. It's all they do good.


  20. Why do dems never call out China but always mention Russia? Russia is a bit player. No threat.

  21. Only Trump can stop this as he is the real chosen president.
    He had the honest votes, criminal Democrats changed them.

  22. Freaking Democrat traitors.. And I include RINOs in with the cheaters.
    They don't want Trump because Trump is taking their SPIFs away and their stealing of American Taxpayer money.
    The Stimulus was also a fraud.. They borrowed more and gave to China the money that Americans needed.

  23. China loves Joe he’s bought and paid for just ask Hunter WWG1WGALL

  24. I wonder if Swallow was under orders from Chinese CCP to keep up with the fake Russian stories makes you wonder

  25. Pelosi: " We dont call them 'spies' anymore, we call them 'Friends', so any friend of Eric's is a friend of hers.

  26. Nunes doesn’t “call out anyone” he sits on the sidelines, while the battle is raging and throws in a few gentle words of encouragement.

  27. Arrest all the wrong doers,traitors and workers of US Presidential Election 2020🙏.
    Long live president Trump and his loyal supporters,God give them strength AMEN

  28. And he doesn’t say anything about Trump / Putin.

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