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NY Giants player Saquon Barkley deemed 'Rookie of the Year'

After a young boy was snubbed by a Dallas Cowboys player for wearing a New York Giants jersey to the game, Barkley sent a personal message to the boy thanking him for being a fan.


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  1. How is there a rookie of the "year" when most teams are 2 games into the season?

  2. And for what? To pad meaningless stats on a 3-13 shithole team every year?

  3. And yes the Giants lost again this week!

  4. These Giants fans are really milking their 15 minutes.

  5. DeMarcus Lawrence is known to be a ass hole he needs to be rammed into the ground

  6. If a cowboy fan did that to giant player the same thing would happen 💯

  7. Well, thanks to Colin kaperjerk, nobody cares about NFL anymore.

  8. rofl wat u expect? your a giants fan u get nothin from the opposin team

  9. Hello saudações 🇧🇷 Parabéns por compartilhar ótimos vídeos deixando aquele Laik 👍🔔
    Muitos beijos com carinho 😘 Love 😍 um abençoado Domingo 🙏

  10. That kid is a Giants fan yeah he will cherish that Saquon jersey forever, but he probably would’ve sold that cowboys autograph on eBay. I agree with homie get the right jersey. I’m happy for the kid tho

  11. Way to make a cowboys player look like a ass! Barkley is a class act. Best RB in the NFL!

  12. Thats sad smh its a kid doesnt matter what Jersey they are wearing smh. Idc if a kid had a shirt on that said "Im a Racist in training" if the kid falls id help them get up. Our children are our future and that day the kid learned something that will be with him forever.

  13. That guy is a asshole for that fuck him and fuck the cowboys aka cowgirls

  14. Oh that's just the beginning of this great young man… 👊

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