Sunday , January 17 2021
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NYC bar declares itself ‘autonomous zone' as restrictions strain businesses

Mac’s Public House co-owner Daniel Presti says he declared his New York City bar an ‘autonomous zone’ to draw attention to how restaurants, bars and small businesses are struggling amid coronavirus restrictions from the state and city.

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  1. The people in that state needs to think long and hard about the people they are electing and maybe some of this would not be taking place, you cannot vote in a leftist democratic party and expect that they are going to support hard-working conservative values

  2. It requires money to make money. this is the best secret I have ever discovered we don't make money, we EARn and MULTIPLY money

  3. Every small business should b doing the same American s must stick together against this communist take over

  4. Every small business should b doing the same American s must stick together against this communist take over

  5. Get ready to join Joe in the basement

  6. isn't it funny that it is unsafe to be in large groups but as soon as the police can make some money off of arrests it becomes safe for the officers to enter?

  7. The mainstream media is never “with you”. They’re always against you and have a nefarious agenda which in this case is more than likely trying to instigate an uprising they can then turn right around and blame on more “superspreader” (or other lame buzzword) events to turn all those sheep blindly complying against them once again keeping the focus off the true culprits; the top orchestrators, corrupt politicians, and the mainstream media which is the most dangerous weapon to ever exist.

  8. TIME TO FIGHT BACK POSSUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wth NY, who called for this? This doesn't look like America anymore 😔

  10. Even tho the New York City mayor doesn’t follow the same rules he makes mandatory

  11. God is with him!!!! that's why he survived !!!!you guys question stupid questions!!!!

  12. We need to stand up for our freedom collectively against this evil or we will lose everything.. they want to see us all homeless, why don’t you fine airlines, Walmart’s, Costco, Home Depots and all big corporations????????

  13. FREEDOM is the name of the game. It only takes one generation or event to scare the indepence out of a culture. The drive for this was unchallenged worldwide. This is a color revolution in action. OPERATION DARK WINTER 6/2001 and Event 201 showed this health scare could be a ticket. Economic Crisis, Security Concerns, and Civil Unrest are other tools of this great plot. The goal is the Not-great Reset which i rebuke wholeheartedly. This went unanswered in Yugoslavia, Venezuela, Somalia etc. really anywhere the UN or IMF puts feet. Stay educated y’all.

  14. $10000 per day how childish

  15. Stay strapped, ready to fire

  16. – 94 below zero, for the vaccine to survive?

  17. The vaccine has to be kept at minus -94 to , Survive!

  18. Did u file for the loan few months back ? You have a restaurant u can make it work seems like you’re just crying

  19. The gop is in control and not helping vote blue next time mitch is just trying to bail out the rich

  20. follow these pigs h ome find where they live!

  21. They will be shut down for the rest of the year and I will be at Walmart with my mask on in the self check out 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  22. Vote that sheriff out of office for being complicit in this b.s. Back Mac's!!!!

  23. Good luck with that…. Call in the militia to keep your joint open,,, that ought to bring in some business…. Covid is a fake,, a hoax,, c'mon have a beer,, you'll be fine,,,mikey says so!!

  24. I can help. Get a fkn job. Learn a trade. Pay your bills and don't expect a dime from me. Hope that helps.

  25. Communism in the horizon
    😱be aware America.
    You don't fight
    You die.

  26. America needs a drink!

  27. The rapture is so close people. Wake up, repent & ask Jesus into your heart. Remember, repent, repeat. Don't get left behind.

  28. I think the president of law and order should take care of this bar if not what law and what order

  29. NEW YORK — An owner of a New York City bar that was providing indoor service in defiance of coronavirus restrictions was arrested after a sting in which plainclothes officers went inside and ordered food and beverages, the city sheriff's office said. Protesters shouted as deputies arrested Danny Presti, the co-owner of Mac's Public House on Staten Island, on Tuesday. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Shut Down American Business's, and Keep open Big Corporations like Walmart , Amazon, etc…

  31. Either close all business or none. But you cannot a selective process.

  32. Yea!!!! Everyone needs to stand up for small business.

  33. In NY most likely voted for Biden. So shut up and wear your muzzle and obey your leader. NY watch what you ask for might get it.

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