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‘NYC is Dead Forever’ author responds to Seinfeld, 'Don't know why he attacked me'

Entrepreneur and writer James Altucher argues New York City can’t survive when every business is closing and citizens are leaving.

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  1. Seinfeld is a bit of a loony. Of course he has no realistic solutions to offer. He's always making fun of everything. I don't see NYC bouncing back. This guy with the unkempt hair may seem crazy, but I agree with his sentiment.

  2. Except the virus was a smoke screen to remove Trump! Jerry knows like Most here in Australia! The virus was created to get rid of Trump!
    Dagan are you married?

  3. Who cares what Seinfeld thinks, who cares what this nut thinks? The bottom line NYC is a terrible city to live in; it is like living in a fishbowl.

  4. Roseann really love New York do not want to admit is that it will probably never come back in their lifetime.

  5. To ALL the people fleeing these giant liberal cities please remember why you're leaving. Don't move somewhere else and vote the same idiotic way you did in NY, CA, etc. Don't ruin the cities you're moving to, they're doing great because they don't have ignorant peolpe like you voting for POS liberals. Remember why you're leaving or please, stay away.

  6. The buildings aren’t just going to go away.. new people and business will occupy. This dude is absurd.

  7. Cuomo made Grand Central Station pigeons great again

  8. NYC is a Cuomo Sewer! Cuomo will crash in front of the world!

  9. The governor and the mayor get to call the shots, and make businesses go broke and a stroke of a pen… I think the people of New York need to remove these incompetent morons

  10. New Yorkers take pride in being obnoxious

  11. The commie brothers killed the place.

  12. I feel sorry for the states where these New Yorkers are moving too. They'll vote in the same kind of lawmakers in those states.

  13. Why don't Seinfeld pay the essential workers out of his pocket like the good Liberal and Progressive he is.

  14. Bro who and what are looking at lol

  15. Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18 Righteousness exalts a nation🇺🇸

  16. Jerry in real life is a stuck up small bully. Imagine having to attack the small guy. Maybe Jerry should but up some $$$$ to help clear the deficit. LOL He won't.

  17. NYC will bounce back. But it's going to take a new mentality. Individualism. Freedom. No government cannot save you.

  18. Shouldn't have locked down. Hehehe.



  21. This guy is spot on, simply talking common sence, it may come back, but it will take years, won't happen in my lifetime,but then, I'm old.

  22. libs dont ever admit failure

  23. When you have to stoop to personally attacking someone you have reached the bottom of the barrel hello from Australia

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