Thursday , August 11 2022

NYC Mayor calls criminal justice system 'insane'

Fox News contributor Ted Williams joined ‘Kennedy’ to discuss rising crime in New York City, as Mayor Eric Adams calls for bail reform laws. #foxbusiness #kennedy

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  1. Him and his party enable this insane garbage. He talks a lot. Yet he can’t walk the walk. He is without honor.

  2. There is certainly something insane here…
    HInt: it's not the justice system!

  3. What is a Social Worker going to do? Get jacked and kidnapped.

  4. At least the spam in my grocery store isn't under lock and key like that cesspool NYC.

  5. How bout we do this = break the law go to jail – there needs to be a cash bail system in place – if you can't afford to pay the bail that's on you – people are getting tired of crime and are starting to fight back – any public official that doesn't think criminals need to be locked up should be locked up in their place – any official that violates their oath of office should be fined/jailed with the criminals.

  6. NYC mayor is a deep state pupet he will lock you down and push the jab and any thing else the deep state need

  7. American 🇺🇸!!
    The mayor of Washington and New York City crying 😢 both major need to go Texas visit or go to Washington D.C. ask President and policy.!!!
    Wake up American 🇺🇸..!!!

  8. Duh, your people voted for you die to your party’s continues lies and brainwashing of weaponised politicians media. This is the result of liberal policies and Communism disguised as progressivism to hide their true authoritarian agenda. You get exactly what you voted for so enjoy.

  9. If you are gonna raise criminal or make economies from them; you have to control them to prevent the Law suit or worst .

  10. They don't have a justice system we have a money sysiem

  11. This mayor doesn't get it. It's not the system it's the people who are in control of the system that are screwing it up, they're the insane ones !

  12. All your institutions are insane and not only justice, hence the need for a complete overhaul or your country will eventually implode.

  13. The governors are to blame. They have a duty to correct it.

  14. The criminals are NOT criminals but the people who set them FREE are

  15. Another Mafia criminal in government?

  16. President Trump was such a good law and order proponent. We need him back as president again 2024…followed by Desantis.

  17. Eric Adams is nothing but a gaslighting bamboozler hiding behind his color fooling gullible colored folks stupid enough to listen.

  18. Eric CLAPTRAP Adams 🤡💀⚰

  19. Why don't they just lose them in the system for 72 hours?

  20. Is ihe going to do anything about it or just talk the talk?

  21. Kennedy .. lol
    She should be a reporter at the Whitehouse

  22. Might as well call that a war zone, I have plenty of recommendations

  23. Eric adams, a vegan soyboy, been there 8 months & done NOTHING.

  24. So just change the laws idiots!

  25. Eric just realize after 8 months later? Is not that hard

  26. Can someone please hire Will Smith to slap Adams in the face? Between Lightfoot, Bowser and Adams, they have to be the dumbest politicians alive. I don't want them hurt, just a quick slap to wake them up.

  27. Democrats created these. Same corrupt politicians.
    Same crayon criminal idiots.

  28. The criminal justice system is fine. Democrats have CORRUPTED the system and MUST BE REMOVED.

  29. Does Eric Adam's have ANY self-awareness? He convinced voters in NY that as a former cop he was a law and order guy! He was not a liberal do-nothing like Lurch…he was going to take control and get NY back on track!!! The man is still running his mouth while turning criminals loose everyday!

  30. Cops risk their lives to stop bad guys but the bad guys got edd and a get out of jail free card

  31. You voted for it, hopefully your children don’t pay the price . No sympathy

  32. NY needs to have a Career Criminal Unit at each precinct with the best officers that they have and put them in plain clothes and unmarked vehicles. Instruct them to stay all over them and arrest them for any crime. Don't worry about the DA and them being let back out. They will like that close scrutiny.

  33. It sounds like the system is inviting citizens to protect themselves. If you can just be set free without bond, then what's to stop it?