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NYC Mayor de Blasio remarks after judge recommends NYPD officer fired in Eric Garner case | ABC News

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  1. God bless nyc Trust me from what i hear and see the cops aint doing shit

  2. He says all new training for nypd but that shows the cop wasn’t trained right so why did you fire him lmao

  3. Congratulations Mayor you just blew your career and entire police department al the crimes and blood will now be on your hands

  4. Go to hell you asshole. You are a discusting discrace.

  5. Officer Pantaleo is a good cop and did nothing wrong. The screeching by all of the Black LIES Matter thugs and 70-IQ ghetto crack dealers just confirms that they side with anti-cop, pro-criminal filth.

  6. Maybe if Eric Garner had listened to the police and wasn't a career criminal this wouldn't have happened?

  7. Watch when crime skyrockets lmaoo

  8. He is afraid of the black family lmao who still lives in city housing after collecting 5 million because its nkt considered income these are the people the city is dealing with lmao

  9. Why didnt the guy listen to police?

  10. This mayor is thee worst lmaoo

  11. This mayor is a funny individual he political mayor. And he cares about himself. If this individual becomes president we will have absolute chaos and deep economic depression. There are good officers and bad ones. But you will destroy the court of law. The world is watching this mayor and laughing.

  12. The sad part is, that over time crime will go up in NYC as the shootings are going up today,..

  13. Love all the, “victims” comments on here. How about you take responsibility for YOUR actions, and listen when an officer tells you to leave! Instead of arguing and resisting. You better be VERY careful what you wish for, because you just might get it!

  14. Why not the death penalty for murderer killing a black gets you a vacation hmmm

  15. De Blasio is making a consistent error in his public talking points on Garner. I saw him make this same mistake on a recent interview w/ Hot 97.

    Rather than fully being present to Garner's case — the FULL justice HIS family deserves, De Blasio KEEPS rushing ahead in a way that is so inconsiderate and hurtful to Garner; as if Garner's life didn't matter; was some kind of sacrificial example; as if there aren't real people TODAY who deserve some true completion regarding his death.

    But De Blasio keeps just ZOOMING PAST THAT for some reason, instead reaching for:

    "We can't have another again."
    "I just know we have to change the future."
    "We have to do our best in the future."

    …but what about the family, TODAY, that just lost their father (AND his daughter, btw); their husband; their beloved? What is the full resolution to THIS issue, first?

    It feels very dissatisfying / bothersome / concerning as a NYC native to keep hearing him doing this; as if the initial upset (even in the public's own psyche) is not yet taken seriously or fully resolved.

    Even if entirely well-meaning, which I imagine he may be, De Blasio is simply too 30,000 feet + wonkish on this. Before jumping of the future of "next time!", he needs to show us he takes very seriously THIS time.

    De Blasio should do a better job at showing authentic compassion for and accountability on behalf of the loss of this family, in the here and now. An on-the-ground reality.

    Hoping someone on his comms team reads this — and in fact, I'll email this to his office + hope it gets through there, too.

  16. He knows the cop is innocent. This is obviously political. All of a sudden NOW he cares? Bullshit

  17. This race baiting pos Mayor was the worst thing to happen to NYC & the NYPD… Monday morning quarter backs speaking on situations they have never been in or know nothing of. DISGRACEFUL judgement


  19. All this just for selling cigerette's,fuck me this cop is unstable as fuck.

  20. The mayor is a corrupt boot licking cunt.

  21. If I shot the cop, I would be charged with murder and jailed for life,cop shoot's a man and get's fired, but can get a job down the fucking justice here,cop need's to be in jail for life with out parole.ftp.

  22. Does anyone get it he's a really big guy and he resisted arrest that's what happens I'm not sure what the confusion is

  23. Holy crap. What an evil Mayor.

    Cops need to do their jobs and citizens need to obey authority, including submitting to arrest.

  24. Oratory skill is not strong within this one.

  25. How this pussy ass guy still got his job.??

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