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NYC Police Commissioner Announces Arrest In Times Square Shooting

New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea announced that the suspect in the Times Square shooting was apprehended in Florida. Shea said he will return to New York to face justice. The 4-year-old victim and two other unintended victims will make a full recovery.
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  2. And you're wandering why black people are being shot by the Police… 🙄

  3. A bumbling moron just like the murderer govornor who sent 10's of thousands to their deaths and sexually attacked over 10 women. Oh yea i forgot..a democrat loser.

  4. He has a muslim name more investigation needed.

  5. Capitalism is the exploitation of humanity and the earth and will lead to our demise

  6. WTF is going on here? Arrest and jail both of these LOW lifes. It is time for the law to work with the victims. Send him away. Lock him up. Send him/her to solitary confinement for 1/2/3 years at the very least. Jerk of jerks. The family of both knew I guarantee. Thus, they too need to be investigated and charged as accessories. In turn, send him to Starke. The home where Florida executes low lifes.

  7. Round of applause!

  8. Deblasio invited him to his house for dinner after he paid the criminal's bail.

  9. Justice will be to take any tissue, blood or organs from the shooter for the victims and then shoot the shooter in the same body parts that his victims were shot. Then leave him to die like he intended for his victims.

  10. I wonder if biden or harris or deblasio will post his bail….

  11. So when will NYC be releasing him without bail?

  12. Baltimore had 233 known shooters killers walking around free. The $4,000,000 daily drug deals in Baltimore bribes every judge,states Attorney, city councilman, mayor, in town.

  13. You going to do like Baltimore and let the peep go without paying any bail?

  14. Wow we caught a criminal i guess it was like finding a needle in a haystack

  15. Libs want to abolish the police, So exactly who catches this criminal????

  16. This is great news! That POS is facing a world of hurt from the justice system and rightfully so. I bet his girlfriend will flip on him to escape prosecution. Kudos to all of the tipsters!

  17. Prosecute to the fullest

  18. I live here in Sanford, NC not far from Fayetteville, NC

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