Tuesday , August 3 2021
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NYC struggling due to minimum wage increase

Betsy McCaughey, former New York Lt. Governor, speaks about the minimum wage increase and how it’s affecting small businesses.

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  1. Why work a job that doesn't pay a living wage? Maybe we should put an end to entry level nonsense jobs, because its actually really sad to see my mom pick up a 2nd job @11$ an hour. Shes 55 not 16 and "just starting"

  2. I knew it would damage small businesses! The left are so numb and they don't know what's good for the american people!

  3. Nothing like keeping the worker DOWN while CEO's got 904% increase with tax cuts………………………FOX THINKS MIN WAGE IS TOO MUCH…………you know who they fight for…and it's not the AVERAGE JOE

  4. They are only struggling because it should be $20 an hour not $15 .. im sure that'll fix it lmao .. this kind of liberal logic cant fail

  5. When rent is $5000 for a one bedroom… wonder why poverty is high


  7. No one is supposed to be raising a family on minimum wage! That’s for high school kids and retirees. Get a skill you deadbeat losers!

  8. Businesses gotta stop being so cheap with their employees. $15/hour is a perfectly fine min wage. Ontario has $14 and our cost of living is much lower.

  9. Many of these jobs were entry level jobs that employed High School and college kids. The turnover was ridiculous because the kids went back to school or simply grew out of the jobs.
    Today, these jobs are taken by low skilled, uneducated immagrants. And more to the point, when you move a starting wage up, many of the workers no longer qualify for government assistance. Just moving the burden from government to bussiness.

  10. There should be stipulation that your a high school graduate or equivalent.

  11. I'm not struggling, fox is fake news. I'm living the life

  12. But if you ask the liberal democrats they say the city is doing just great. Exactly what they wanted.

  13. A hahaha AOC did it again ..with support of Fredo

  14. They're just going to have robots instead.

  15. Like president LBJ said, Convince the lowest white man that he is better than the best colored man and he wont even notice you picking his pockets, hell if you give him someone to look down on he will empty his pockets for you. Not think about what you idiots just said about shenique and Isabella you idiots are so focused on looking down on them you let companies rob your tax dollars with millions in corporate welfare and then move their headquarters overseas and dont bat an eye but focus on those who get pennies each month. How stupid are you people. By the way more whites benefit from welfare and minimum wages than any other race in America do s ok me research you idiots.

  16. What people dont realize is that not only is the employer paying higher wages, they also have to pay out more social security, unemployment insurance and health insurance! Reality is the employer pays a lot more than just minimum wage!!! Dem's suck!!

  17. I live in Arizona, where we have already been enduring this ludicrous increase and its killing us!!! If you run a family owned business, prepare to lose it!! Oh, by the way, a lunch that was $10-15 will double. It's all about the ripple folks. That ripple is causing an earthquake here, good luck to all of you!!!!

  18. Just decrease the minimum wage and everyone will be happy.

  19. 15 is not enough for new Yorkers, NYC is a expensive city, plus taxes is on the sky, stop crying the city make lot money every day so where all the goes?

  20. Off topic, this lady is 70 years old! Dam, she looks good! PS she's right about the minimum wage hurting businesses.

  21. Tell them to short they self ,they not the only one want to eat . Just because they can't buy them a new boat. Or buy they little girl a BMW I don't feel sorry for them companys

  22. Remember when Maduro increased everyone's wages by like 3000%? They made a new bolivars that gets rid of 5 zeros to mitigate the problem. It just got even worse after that.

  23. Socialism is gonna fail, Democracy is gonna fail.

  24. Let the rich that make 5M plus a year pay the minimum wage

  25. Try raising it to $20 or $25 dollars an hour and see if that helps.

  26. The ones benefiting from the raise is the Government, who takes a *Percentage of the income for taxes*. If the minimum wage was $100 per hour- walking into a Burger King that meal costing $85 will be a reality.

  27. This puts small businesses out of business too.

  28. Surprise, surprise, I wish someone would teach these people some basic economics. SMH

  29. It's just a means of forcing the locals to fund their replacements. It's genocide subsidy.

  30. They all lose their jobs and then they say Trump did it.

  31. An employment that doesn't pay a sustainable wage is not a Job, the concept of Job must be redefined

  32. Lower the rip off price of rent someway

  33. Hope New York crumbles and falls to reality

  34. If goverment cut down om spending we could reduce taxes to almost nil likd 1 to 2percent federal and for state tax we could reduce it to 1 to 2percent also bit goverment will never do that . The promblem isnt pple its goverment ,greedy corporations and so much more .

  35. Either lower college tuition or you will have to pay 15 a houf to a McDonalds worker

  36. As an over the road truck driver, I'm lucky to gross what equates to $15/hour! i guess it's time to flip burgers! A hell of a lot safer, and practically no stress!😯

  37. Fox news propoganda trying to spread lies again. 2 trillion tax dollars were stolen from 2017 with trump's tax cuts and funneled into profits and stock prices for wallstreet. These companies have the profits but refuse to let their "labor" make a living wage. This segment is trying to scare workers and voters to actually demand a living wage. Bull crap.

  38. I'm okay with raising the minimum wage, but you need to cut corporate tax at the same time. It would be a lot worse had Trump's tax cuts not taken place

  39. Do people understand affordable? That means bare minimum. Families aren’t living in luxury

  40. That means the system was designed to keep people down. If the government is so great, they’ll learn how to adapt.

  41. Illinois passed this because of Chicago Democrats

  42. Pretty soon there will be nothing but armed guards and self checkouts. Time to microchip everyone?

  43. Many “entry level” businesses ( Tuesday Morning, Party City, Autozone, etc) only have 24 hours a week to hand out to employees because they don’t want to have benefits. Unless you’re a manager, or “ key holder” you can’t get 40 hours a week! People MUST have 2 part time jobs. Disgraceful.

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