NYPD migrant attack just the ‘tip of the spear’: Texas rep

Rep. Beth Van Duyne, R-Texas, criticizes Biden’s ‘dangerous’ policy on the southern border and his alleged declining health. #FOXBusiness

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  2. Giggles Harris was assigned to the border but never showed

  3. Joe you brought this crap Into our country

  4. He is a criminal liar. He shut diwn all policies for border security and stopped the wall loosing millions in supplies and contracts. In addition that liar is paying them to break the law giving them $8k each in cash and free everything. His buses and planes are bringing them in illegally and he is even paying the cartell on their behalf. All this is on the taxpayer dime while Americans die homeless and on the fetenayl that is brought in on his watch. He is a murderer and liar..

  5. Praise God that border bill didnt pass as all that bill was for was to legalize illegals. Trump told us Venezuela emptied their prisons into America. Do you believe him now?

  6. What negative things? Its extinction by the year 2060 due to its greenhouse g@s emissions causing the global-warming-refugees [GWR] at the border? NOT converting to electric cars to continue to support the dictator it loves DJT Putin's war crimes war in Ukraine? So the Russia will control 35% of the world's supply of wheat, corn, oil, fertilizer, sunflower oil, and freedom from communism; Klanhoe? 90% of the drugs are brought into the USA by Americans not GWR!!!

  7. The Democratic party are the drug cartel. the Democratic party is the human Smugglers. you don't think so? who else in our government fights daily for innocent taxpaying citizens to have all these negative things shoved down their throat?

  8. lets face it,he needs to go out to pasture to old to be leader of our nation.

  9. 10% of what its 500 years of "convict-colony" lead-poisoned inbreeding-depression; sperm-count ZERO? AGW does not care what it believes Klanh0e.

  10. Solve the border issue once and for ever . Close the border both ways until the coin comes to the table, @ 650 mil/day it won't take too long before
    coin shows his/her as. And if no show 650mil just keeps pileing up, to be used for new border wall starting to be built 03/01/2024 6 am rain/shine lol

  11. It’s dereliction of duty by the federal government.

  12. He’s such a big fat liar!!!!

  13. The question should be, You as an American how can you help illegal immigrants, spread the love. Believe in your government welcome all with open arms

  14. Loved Weekend at Bernie they looks like Twins walking

  15. Biden said GIVE ME THE POWER and they call Trump a Director

  16. 🚨🚨🇺🇸 . The government is allowing criminals to come into the United States of America. Close the United States borders. 🚨🚨🇺🇸

  17. Weakend at Bernie’s! 🤣HAHAHAHAHA😂

  18. They call them Biden’s kids this is the trash that he has let in. He must be such a proud daddy this one turned out better than Hunter

  19. All the criminals are just streaming into our country as Democrats just sit and watch

  20. Biden has irrevocably damaged this country. It’s sickening what that corrupt, demented jerk has done.

  21. It is cruel in the extreme for the Democrats and the Deep State not to care for Bribery-Biden who should be in an institution for the criminally insane.

  22. Does Beth have experience with just the tip?

  23. TRUMP FAILED to finish the wall.
    TRUMP FAILED to finish xl pipeline.. texas will FINISH the job.. guaranteed.. dont mess with texas

  24. Hit $700k today. Thank you for all the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way over the past months. Started with $60k in the last month 2024.

  25. God bless President Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton…Taylor Swift will bring Joe Biden..the greatest man the world has ever seen…back into office.
    Trump couldn't even build a lego wall, never mind a real one

  26. 😂😂😂why the News do Noh mention that inmigrantes bring drugs anymore??
    😂😂😂 because building the wall and even putting the entire army on the border will not stop not even one gram of drugs from coming in. 😂😂because immigrants don’t bring the drugs. The cartel brings the drugs and by the TONS on 18 wheelers and planes. 😂😂😂 Google it your self .

  27. 😂😂😂 what do you call people when they get full more than once??
    😂😂😂 Trump said 2015 , he will build the wall so fast that not one would even know how it was build. And that the Mexican people will pay for it.
    😂😂😂Instead Trump put Steve Bannon who was using the wall as cover up to do money laundering.😂 his trail will be in May 2024

  28. Migrants that were actually Citizens! Intentionally spreading LIES classic fox spews

  29. Crooked joe is either competent to stand trial or hes too incompetent to be president!

  30. Why do these people reporting on this post , constantly label these Illegal boarder jumpers/crossers as being migrants ??? They are "Illegal" trespassing , law breaking , some even being terrorists !!! Criminals !!! Why can't these journalists and politicians call it like it is ??? What are they afraid of ??? Just an observation

  31. Joe could close the border as he closes the door to his basement where he keeps his toys 🧸

  32. I’m embarrassed by our President. It’s time to let go. Bring in the young. Please.

  33. Stand with Texas as they stand for America!!!!!!


  35. I feel the same is you is ridiculous that we are working hard for are families and top of that they send help to others countries what but the hard working people for the las las 20 years I pay back in taxes money

  36. So if the people who attack police are legitimate citizens it makes it better? Them being illegal vs legal is a distinction withoutna difference within the context of what they did to that officer.

  37. Well Biden better do something about the Border because these gains that are coming over like the ones that beat up those policemen. They are terrorists they do not have any regard for life.