Thursday , January 27 2022
Home / News / NYPD rejected all requests to detain illegal immigrants in custody

NYPD rejected all requests to detain illegal immigrants in custody

Former acting ICE Director Ronald Vitiello on the aftermath of the Mississippi ICE raids.

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  1. Why the hell do any of us keep the law. I dont know about you but im done not breaking the law. Apparently HILLARY and the bunch of pigs in the government are above the law now the illegals can break the law to hell with that none of us need to obey the law. So much for that crap

  2. Lock up all who doesn't follow the law. I have to follow the country's laws why don't they have too? This is crazy. If I don't follow the law I go out jail. This is nuts.

  3. Nothing but fucken evil people on here

  4. 40 for 680 isn't success-it's shameful. A month ago 20 for 2,000. More snuck in during night shifts lunch break

  5. Take the politicians or office flugglies who freed them

    and throw them IN JAIL!!

    Not Club Fed with it's golf courses, tennis courts, or bowling allies

    But FEDERAL Shank-You U.

    Let the prison population know that city councilmen X will be arriving on this date.

    Same with the widdle office staff who thought the were "fighting da MAN" or patriarchy or whatever blue/purple haird sjWIMP cause they had.

  6. Need to put them all on a plane and get them out of here!

  7. Working for cash then getting food stamps and cash assistance and now qualify for low income housing….stop arresting them and start shooting them

  8. SHAME ON New York.
    America has laws. And everyone waits for a tragity before they obey the rules.

  9. Yea real nice .. big thanks from the tax payers. Trump 2020!

  10. NYC is run by Parasites who worship Sa5an.

  11. Corps who hire illegal should be held to the letter of the law.

  12. 8th grade education tells you the ones who had warrants need to be removed. And banned from returning.

  13. broma……………………………..

  14. haaaaaaaaaaaa…………….can u say joke………………………..

  15. And then you wonder why people don't visit NY anymore? They don't want to walk into another Caligula. I don't see why anyone even lives or works there and the way that they are running it no one will for long except for the criminals. You can thank AOC for most of this then, just like Omar and Minneapolis, or the rest of the squads districts, if you look these screaming senators have the worst cities of the nation in their states, mainly because they care more about the illegals then they do the citizens that were suppose to have elected them. That is why I don't think any of those elections were fair, but instead they were bought, stolen and cheated to get.

  16. Go to Long Island then tell me if we don’t need ICE.

  17. Illegals are f**** this country up there making all this money. Not paying taxes and then taking the money out of the country

  18. And all those officials should be taken into custody and indicted under USC Title 8, shielding, assisting and harboring illegal aliens. No one is above the law.

  19. They breached our borders illegally. The are and should be seen as criminals. E verify and requiring social security cards or green cards have been required to employ someone for years now. No excuse. If NY doesn’t want to enforce federal law they shouldn’t get another federal dime for anything.

  20. Criminal illegals!!! illegal is criminal. 600 arrests and only 40 deported. Great work ICE you are a joke and waisting our money

  21. This is why they keep coming. By letting them go for humanitarian reasons you just invited 10 million more illegals they found the loop hole. Have lots of kids and you will stay for humanitarian reasons.

  22. Good to see the nypd is helping the ones that pay their taxes or wait they're not.

  23. I raised my prices to any freight going into sanctuary cities

  24. Hiring illegal immigrants is treasonous. These companies are betraying their own people for the sake of bigger profits. I'm sure there are Americans who would take those jobs (for a decent wage)

  25. Civil war 2.0 over illegal immigration

  26. Ice needs to bypass everybody's b***** don't give out any warnings and just show up snatch up the aliens and whisk them away to a non sanctuary location for criminal prosecution!!

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