Saturday , May 30 2020
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Oakland to shut down huge homeless site at Home Depot

The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman discusses how the homelessness crisis in California has negatively impacted businesses and residents’ safety. #FoxBusiness

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  1. proud gun owner 🙂 make sure there are no cameras, offer them food, do what you gotta do. keep pace a few every few weeks, they will scatter in fear. its liking snatching Iraqis in the night…..just more satisfying. good luck!

  2. Well … we are in deep “doo doo” here in California . I think I Heard ,yesterday , we have $320. Billion dollars ??? Maybe millions??? Missing from Yee’s office. And she can’t find the receipts of 49 million bills she paid 🙄. The best I can tell the Home Depot has been a wonderful company and accounts for this info is true, Our state is like the US treasury missing 21 trillion dollars under previous presidency before Trump . Where’s the money ? Is Oakland managing their money like yee’s office too?

  3. Move these homeless camps to Pelosi's property. Why is Pelosi immune from helping out here?

  4. What are they doing to help the homeless? Free stuff for illegals but ignore our own !!

  5. We fled this year to a clean friendly cheap red state. No homeless no tents no filth. Oh and we took our middle class income with us. We now give it to our red state that cares about us. We are Republicans we were the ones paying for California’s freebies. No more. What will happen when most of the middle class leave California. Who will pay for all the illegals and criminals and nonsense from the leaders. Not to mention the tax increases. Bye bye California

  6. Home depot should have been gone from there a long time ago… !!????

  7. Squatters, NOT homelessness.


  9. Vote straight Republican ticket this coming election
    time to take back the House and Senate send those Dem clowns packing

  10. In this economy, if your city is going into the toilet, then your politics are exactly wrong there. I know–I live in such a place in Eastern California.

  11. Homeless zombie criminals taking over public bathrooms w needles, nudity, drugs. Mental hospitals need resurrected for zombies R here.

  12. Another Democrat run homeless village….

  13. RV videos promote van & tent life. flocking criminal minds of illegal drug, alcohol to warm climates, use public bathrooms to live in.

  14. So it is the state fault that the gentrification process is actually happening. This process is happening all over the UNITED STATES. It is because the rise in rent over mortgages lack of jobs in the area and most importantly the migration of rich people moving back into EAST OAKLAND to be Closer to San Francisco California and San Jose California

  15. A democratic run City. Homeless Depot. Still to he best place for building materials.

  16. Get rid of all the illegals and you will have houses and jobs to spare !

  17. Stinking became sanctuary cities and filled with droppings humanus faces.

  18. Why don't you all protest those corrupt Liberal judges until they act to work for Americans and their best interests, camp outside their homes!

  19. Wow! Pelosi & Schiff REALLY LOVE THEIR PEOPLE👈💩

  20. In California the Chinese Taking Over California the same their drugs their plan to take over. Trump 2020

  21. Put them ALL on NANCY PELOSI and her sons lawns. Investigate their dealings with TWO UKRAINIAN energy companies Viscoil and NRGLab🗳💶💵💶💶🐁🐁🐁

  22. The Satanic Globalist POWER-ELITE NEW WORLD ORDER ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE (aka the secret, worldwide Kingdom of Satan) are succeeding in turning the USA into a third world nation.

  23. The American favela brought you by democratic communism. Welcome to Newsomville and Pelosiville.

  24. Whenever I see something like this, my heart goes out to these homeless people. I don't blame them, I blame the Democrat policies.They don't mean to appear "dangerous" or "threatening " at least most don't anyway. They're human beings down on their luck. It's so easy to pass judgment when you have a high perch to look down from, maybe say a prayer for them instead next time

  25. Ma’am it’s NOT all over the country… it’s liberal run cities that are reaping what they have sewn.

  26. It's strange but liberal governments in California Illinois in New York seemed to create more problems then solve problems !

  27. WHEN TRUMP WAS RUNNING FOR THE PRESIDENCY I SAID – SELL CALIFORNIA TO MEXICO TO PAY FOR THE WALL – AS THE MEXICANS WERE RALLYING TO MAKE CALIFORNIA "BROWN CITY" FACT CHECK BROWN CITY.there is a huge movement there!!!!!gateway for Drugs that make the politicians MEGA mullah!!/ALL Americans past & present MAFIA bosses live in Cali.

  28. Why don't they move all of them to Nancy Pelosi and Dianne feinstein's neighborhood maybe then the laws with change !


  30. Leave it to the politicians whether it be Democrat or Republican it doesn't matter it's one big mess.

  31. How long before the people of California take back their cities.
    Enough is enough of this crap.


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