Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Found Guilty Of Seditious Conspiracy

Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes was found guilty of seditious conspiracy by a federal jury in connection to the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6. This case is the most serious to grow out of the Justice Department’s investigation into the U.S. Capitol attack. NBC’s Ken Dilanian reports.

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  1. I would think that EVERYONE who entered was easily found guilty of impeding government proceedings, and therefore seditious…by simply walking in and causing trouble.

  2. It’s all native land. Never forget that.

  3. The government is killing us all and they're putting us in jail? Sounds like America to me


  5. Jan. 6th. Why is the focused comment ONLY about the attack on the Capital but NOT THE FACT THAT PEOPLE DIED!!!!? If someone dies in commission of a crime are they not responsible for that life lost? Smdh. What about the loved ones of those killed and injured!!!!

  6. Pry giving him Life. Should be covered as free speech. That is how we got our Freedom from the British.

  7. One can only imagine the horror that the IGNORANT, Intolerant, and completely racist individual Stewart Rhodes experienced as a child. He was, more than likely, subjected to massive physical, mental, and sexual abuse at the hands of the mentally-challenged humans who created him. He represents the worst in human evolution and the best in total ignorance.

  8. Bent wing left after Trump. Insurrectionists wouldn’t be taking selfies….😂

    Multiple accounts of OATHKEEPERS ASSISTING or even acting to protect police.

  9. well, hopefully this is not just another form of legal causeplay. what does that mean? well, look up the oathkeeper ranch and what they did for a living. they call it causeplay. causeplay is used with cia and fbi sponsered false flag bloodless coupe special psyops teams.this is why lying and secrecy should be outlawed. its treason, and seditious conspiracy. they were hired by Nato special forces,, trump, pence, stone, the flynns, barr, eric prince and the cia to do what was called a special military training exercise, to steal the washington computer networks hardrives with mike pence, the proud boys, the oathkeepers, kash patel and brad parscals assistance and clone it all. these are the missing national security data trump and jared kushner has been selling to foreign dictators. joe biden said you cant believe in the police and believe in an insurrection at the same time. well someone should explain that to the trump gang, nato and the azov and wagner groups, and eric princes private armys , and thier extended military and ex government employees. https://www.kunc.org/news/2022-09-16/colorado-law-enforcement-and-elected-officials-linked-to-oath-keepers these are government employees, stealing government security and spyware property for the ultra rich. they are no different than the supreme court members and congress and senate members who planned and supported the insurrection with them. they all need to go to jail. https://www.denverpost.com/2022/09/24/oath-keepers-colorado-members/ that includes those politicians that are involved in the treason and seditious conspiracy. making them inelligible to hold office. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/01/07/us/elections/electoral-college-biden-objectors.html as well as those involved in jan 6th. https://www.grid.news/story/politics/2022/07/21/these-16-republican-congressmembers-helped-trump-try-to-overturn-the-2020-election/ just keep hitting the refresh button and scroll down to read. these people all should do 30 years each. and yes, liz cheney is protecting certain supreme court members. and lets face the facts, that ginni thomas lied under oath about her relationships. https://www.mediaite.com/politics/jan-6-committee-unlikely-to-subpoena-ginni-thomas-as-liz-cheney-reportedly-doesnt-want-to-tarnish-clarence-thomas/ these people all need to go to jail. we must clean house before these treasonists , like hitler did, try to take positions of power and change the laws in thier favor. they must be thrown out and kept from office and put in jail.. https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?path=/prelim@title18/part1/chapter115&edition=prelim

  10. And now, after proving that Republicans are incapable of positive human emotions, deport them all to Russia.

  11. Uncle Donnie must be really mad by now.

  12. Donald Trump's reaction ,,,, Stewart Rhodes ??? Never heard of

  13. I believe whatever the media and the government tells me ALL THE TIME. EVERYTHING. Anyone who doesn’t is OBVIOUSLY TOTALLY INSANE. WOW.


  14. How can anybody believe that this is not political?

  15. Where was the attack? The capital police waved them in. The only physical attack was a guy who saved someone's life from the cops. The rest were done ny Fed plants that didn't see a day in jail.

  16. Yup another great day in history folks are founding fathers would be proud for this milestone of monumental success and massive win for democracy.

    Now the future of America and the Worlds view of how we still can keep are house in order the Democratic way and nobody lives above the law in the end which trump the main cause of it all and the way the department of justice is heading it will be his end once and for all.

    Because washed up 2 time big loser old donnie boy found out the hard way today that even his Nazi and Maga Trumpism Riot Cult Militia doesn't live above the law and justice ⚖️ matters no matter who you are.

  17. If these seditious traitors had been BLM protesting against PIG-brutality and overt Qu Qlux Qlan, racism. No one would have gotten anywhere near doors or windows.

  18. Why does it vote Republican RepublicQAnon when it knows doing so is against the best interests of its family, My democracy, the oceans, and our Mother the Earth? Knowing that AOC and Greta Thunberg removed the word abortion from the KKKible. List five rational reasons for intentionally causing the Colorado river and Mississippi rivers to run dry forever; turning America AmurderKKKlana into a lifeless wasteland.

  19. Does extinction by the year 2060 due to runaway-AGW agree with it; answer Me yes or no?

  20. Does it accept the laws of mathematics, physics, chemistry, genetics, and physiology as laws that it cannot change to meet it Satanic-anti-abortion, delusional, detached from reality, arsenic-Kool-Aid-Rapture-de@th-KKKult, election-denying, runaway-AGW-denying beliefs; answer yes or no?

  21. There is no group of people called the oath keepers they're with the CIA it's a racket the message here is don't rebel against the nwo use your heads he's possing for pictures he doesn't need an eye patch at all the government will ever be fearful of the masses as ever their filthy vermin blooded kind have always been the government both left and right are traitors to the American people it's not about who's in power they use left and right to divide us they're United against us all wake up

  22. Legally-elected president Joe Biden's Build Back Better [BBB] bill is fully paid for, does not increase inflation; and addresses all our extinction by the year 2060 due to runaway-global-warming.

  23. After Al Gore's and Joe Biden's 8 years as president all Americans will be driving electric KKKars; and gasoline deatholine will only cost $0.29 cents a liter. Because mass-murdering domestic and international terr0rist America Amurderguna; would have converted to the metric system.

  24. Al Gore was our legally-elected president whose science-based administration accepts the science and evidence all around us of all our extinction by the year 2060; due to runaway-global-warming.

  25. President Al Gore: Voting Republigun and Ruzzia's invasion of Ukraine has and is causing: catastrophic-runaway-anthropogenric-global-warming [CRAGW], record inflation, record gasoline deatholine prices, record crime, and Soylent Green causing food-shortages; not legally-elected presi-decent Joe Biden.

  26. 2 Joe Biden is the legally elected president of AmurderKKKa.
    3 Pathological-QAnonhole, conspiracy-theorist,
    4 lying and fabrication of delusional 2020 election lies; is a mortal sin.
    5 Only Satanic-anti-abortion, EVILgelicals use the words:

  27. 6 woke, freeDUMB, patriot, wake-up, “let's g0 Brand0n“, and the letters; TDS.
    7 The word abortion is NOT in its global-warming-denying,
    8 Qu Qlux Qlan, racist, sadistic,
    9 of 9 KKKible; QAnonholes!

  28. "Those who sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind." — Hosea 8:7

  29. Yessss awesome 👍… right before Miss Musk was ready to reinstate everyone of these domestic terrorists on twatter..the I is silent.

  30. Rather shocked by comments and by the lack of real thought. Conviction didn't solve any of the real things that need to be convicted that day. Police waving the public in were they part of the group? Was those Republicans who died part of the group? Were those antifa members present part of the group? Who drove the bus load of people in? Why did trouble start after this? Seems to me we are scapegoating

  31. But they had no guns, so seems to me that their intentions are not as being displayed. Their motive? Anyone who believes something is wrong could be charged if they decide to say ot confront anyone. All words can be taken out of context. Let's talk about antifa there inside let's talk about the police who opened barricades. Those are the people who should have been convicted first. Then you need to figure out who instructed them to lead the people in. Who brought the bus load of people that soon after trouble stirred. I know one thing for sure scapegoats will be used to cover the nature of the true crimes that went on that day. I know anyone who thinks about any of this are called into question but tell me out of all the riots that weren't on January 6th but had many public things destroyed people hurt people killed businesses burnt and luted have been convicted? I've only seen people who rise up against these heinous act brought before the courts. Tell me who are the courts being led to support. At least the constitution gives way for a militia to be formed if the government has gone rogue. It doesn't say if they get said governments permission. No rogue government is going to sit by and let any group accuse them of what they're actually do without trying to stop them or turn what there doing around to make them appear guilty it's called deflection. But here we have people known members of antifa police waving in civilians mysterious bus loads showing up the only dead people who were there that day were Republicans so what's going on? If this group was out for blood why no guns? Why was their outfits used against them? No guns? No guns no guns no democrats lost their life? Only those who stood for Trump. Now I'm no genius but it would appear we had some who were not for Trump or the republican party in order for only the supporters to lose their lives. Was this to cover the truth? Did they lose their lives for literally being in the wrong g place did they speak up Did they say something that would cause the true bad people to worry that what they were doing would be found out. 🤔 I suppose questioning this is considered wrong but we should all question the things that have happened over the last few years that have simply went unpunished and literally were accepted there is a whole lot of law breaking going on, that truly was anti American yet was was fully overlooked.

  32. Keep Drawing those lines.. it Doesn't stop at him.. investigate his Closest Allies..