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Obituary for alleged Dayton shooter from Ohio funeral home sparks outrage

The funeral home published a glowing obituary for the man who allegedly shot 26 people, calling him “funny, articulate and intelligent” but not mentioning how he died.




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  1. Why people are outrage about they said the Shooter is Funny with kind smile?

  2. They want to remember him as a child. Now If he killed every family pet they ever had…then I would have published that.

  3. Can I just state that even when people try to write something different funeral homes preachers priest will not speak that way of the Dead the way you want them to no matter what they have done so don't blame the damn family even if they wanted to tell everyone he was a total ass or a horrible monster they probably would not do it I have never ever seen at a funeral even when family member started to speak negative about a family member the person giving the speech ask them to please stop of course you are entitled to your opinion I don't even know why I'm speaking on this thing I usually don't but your little snowflake comment John Tahoe Leto directed exactly at me is ignorant and so is your racist remark you are an effing racist you don't belong here you all should be on your own little Island full of your hate most of us mix very well if you don't go to hell cuz that's what you're making this world you're entitled to your opinion you're not entitled to insult people

  4. They always defending these so called "mental mass shooters". I wonder if they still defend them with that horrific obituary his family gave them.

  5. Striking inocents with a fully automatic weapon .I.

  6. His parents are just as insane as he was. Ew.

  7. What did guy did was horrible! For every one life he took he destroyed many, including his own f/f. I get why everyone is upset by his obit but remember these ppl have been around him his whole life and they knew him before the monster caused all of this devastation so that's what based his obit on. I know they're hearts/prayers go out to everyone he hurt & regardless of what he did his ppl still love him and they have every right to so please be respectful to his f/f who are being judged & threatened for a crime they didn't commit.

  8. So only this obituary gets attention??? I can’t even imagine being the parent of a mass murderer. So many lives lost, forever changed, and an unspeakable amount of healing for the victims families. For this incident, a zillion past incidents, and Lord only knows what’s next. Prayers for everyone!

  9. People try not to shit on the family remember they lost a victim to this shooting
    They're daughter would've grown to become someone amazing.

  10. Leftist policies and Feminism have killed: morals, kindness, love, empathy, and the American family! Family courts and the "Friend of the Court" have incentivized women to open up their legs to anyone and anything. "Don't worry we got your back" with child support while moving the next guy in. Leftist policies that systematically pushes father figures out of homes and kids upbringings. These little kids can grow up to be a force of good or a destructive force: you parents decide! Moreover, this generational destruction chain has to stop. 1st it affected African Americans the most in the 70's and 80's. Now the courts have gotten in the middle of all American families: white, black, hispanic, asian, middle eastern. Stop destroying our families, get men back in the house again, raise the family wage specifically for men and bring jobs back and this won't happen again.

  11. You know, these parents lost 2 kids, I would WANT in my heart to remember what I loved about him, (other then what he did) To them, he is there son, the one she gave birth to, the one they taught him to ride a bike, saw him through kindergarten on, this was her child, not only did she lose him, they lost their daughter. This was for their family, it wasn't for the public. They are prob in so much pain and distress. Not only for losing 2 children but what he did as well, but they are holding on to the good they saw in him growing up. I know if this had been one of my kids, I would be in total shock and disbelief. I wouldn't know how to react. I know when my mom died and they asked me to do an obit, I was like I couldn't, I couldn't even think straight. I asked my husband to do it. I am not defending him in the slightest, (they prob aren't either) they are just trying to remember something "good" anything…. Put yourself in their shoes..

  12. The man is dead, and will be judged by The Most High.

    Funerals are to focus on the good points about the deceased.

    There is NO need to focus on the evils committed, at the funeral.

    Speak good if the dead, or say NOTHING.

  13. What can possibly be wrong with this family. I guess this is why he was like he was!

  14. Obits don't tell the dirty details. It is considered poor taste–though I think we'd have to make an exception in a case like this. I'm not sure the idea of not speaking ill of the dead wasn't rooted in superstition anyway.

  15. The family and funeral home just doesn't get it, do they?

  16. Who ever posted it or wrote it have no soul at all. Yeah the parents too. I would be ashamed and disappointed if I was his dad.

  17. Well… No. Would anybody want to remember their loved one, for the most horrific and terrible things he could've possible done at the end of his life..?

    Or could they even..?

    I gather that most Families would be in extreme denial. Not because they don't care, but because they don't know that person who did all those things.. They can't wrap their heads around the thought of it. I believe this Family lost their Daughter as well..? To the hands of their other child.. I mean… How does one wrap their head around this?!

    We don't know, until we go through it..

    I'm in no way taking sides… I'm saddened to think about all those innocent lives lost to something as ridiculous as this. What could've been..

    Sometimes, I feel, I have an understanding of the Human Condition. Then something else happens to make me question what I think I know.


  18. Its white people doing the mass shooting and so called black people copy cat they Masters.

  19. He doesn't even deserve an obituary after what he did.😠

  20. How are people getting guns? All guns should be ban if people got a conflict us a baseball bat or fist i even rather a knife but still terrible 🤔😠

  21. This is why this shit still happens.
    Not video games, not heavy metal, not TV.
    It starts with the parents.

  22. He was a good intelligent boy and he was MURDERED by police instead of trying to rehab the poor kid. One little misjudgment and it cost him his life. It's open season on white youth in Amurikuh😨

  23. The family through their greef and shock were obviously not thinking properly not excusing what was done but at least they apologized and retracted the obituary.

  24. "Funny"
    "Kind smile"
    "Boy scout"

    Didn't this guy create list of classmates that he wanted to rape and/or kill?

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