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Ocasio-Cortez claims she aligns with 'libertarian' viewpoints

FOX Business’ Kennedy reacts to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s claim she finds common ground with libertarian viewpoints.

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  1. She is far from Libertarian.

  2. I think AOC should just be nice enough to graze on someone else's lawn, like a good little horse face

  3. She hasn’t got a clue what the definition of ALIGN is. Plus it is
    hard to align with any person or group when you have a crooked foundation.

  4. Word-salad, word-salad, blah blah blah. Fox News is a joke.

  5. The Democrat ship is rudderless. Captain Pelosi, when not whacked out on Xanex, is asleep at the helm. All the others are firing cannonballs at any passing offense while The Squad is figuring out who can be the first to run the ship hard left onto the shoals.

  6. When Fox sees someone that has different views all they do is insult them. Very professional 👍🏼

  7. She's a disgusting, socialist anti American sledge. Nothing more.

  8. Thank God we won't be hearing from her next year, and the rest of the squad, and the alcoholic mummy Nancy Pelosi.

  9. When Cortez talks. She sounds like she has a sick stuck on her throat.

  10. In other words, she’s insulting the intelligence of independent voters

  11. AOC aligns with “libertarian” viewpoints in the same way satan aligns with Christian faith

  12. Yeah but she's so cute and uninformed,Go Trump 2020

  13. Would love to yamm her out… with all due respect.

  14. I hear that next week she'll align with conservatives.

  15. There is no men made climate change. I think the leftish should invent some other justification for their bitter plans.

  16. Any Libertarian believe AOC? Would really like to know…

  17. My first name is Vulgar and my last name is Trump … President Vulgar Trump ….
    He’s like the rooster in the morning and he thinks he made the sun come up.”

  18. It's laughable that she thinks anyone in this country will believe that. I mean that in itself shows her Monumental ignorance.

  19. She will b looking to make more money

  20. She is anti liberty. There is nothing libertarian about her.

  21. Lol she is as big government as it gets

  22. I'm a Classical Libertarian and I haven't agreed with AOC yet 🤔

  23. She is not a libertarian she is a communist illogical child.

  24. She's far from a libertarian. Maybe a socialist.

  25. She us a LIAR AND A FRAUD!!! SHE MAKES ME SICK!!!!!

  26. AOC having "common ground" with libertarian viewpoints? When pigs fly. No, that DOESN'T mean a Harley going off a cliff.

  27. Isn't it time her boyfriend gave her AIDS, chlamydia or something?!?

  28. You De-Evolved-Anti-Ab*rtion-Puta-Diseased Trumphole's morbid fear of the little Hispanic girl who co-authored the historic GND. The mighty AOC! Is truly pathetic.

  29. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a meteorite named after her for scientific research she preformed at Mt. Sinai in New York. How many space rocks wear your name Trumpholes? US House of Representatives — observers have pointed out that she has an asteroid named after her, called 23238 Ocasio-Cortez "It's true! Science was my first passion," she tweeted on June 12, adding that the asteroid was named in honor of longevity experiments she conducted out of Mt. Sinai Health System in New York.

  30. She doesn’t know the difference between a libertarian and a librarian! Dumb as a donut!

  31. She had no idea what she’s talking about. She’s a complete and total puppet. It’s obvious.

  32. Why does anyone even listen to this dimwit?

  33. I am a Libertarian, and AOC has absolutely nothing in common with my viewpoints. In fact she is the enemy of everything I believe in.

  34. She meant she relates to a librarian, cause she likes books. Too bad she can’t read them..

  35. AOC is young and dumb! Why does she get so much coverage? So stupid!

  36. If the Cortex is a Libertarian,
    then………well, choose any
    wild comparison you like.
    Libertarians should be
    frightened to hear that.

  37. Ocrazio-Cortez has a message for her haters . She is fine and says there is no truth to the rumors that she tested positive . Her IQ test actually came back negative . . So there , Nanabooboo

  38. Wow, what a complete idiot.

  39. I dont think this Dimwit even knows what a Libertarian is!

  40. Done talking about this clown, love you Kennedy…. beautiful career choices

  41. AOC is a joke! A bad joke at that!

  42. Only thing she "aligns" with is a beer tap.

  43. She's trying to save her job

  44. I think this interview was for " Casting Couch".

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