Officials Detail 'Unthinkable Morning' After SUV Crashes Into Apple Store

One person was killed and 16 were injured after an SUV drove into an Apple store in Hingham, Mass. Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz called the incident “unthinkable.” Police have not released details about the driver.
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  1. Sad. Maybe they can install barriers like Target.

  2. Isn’t reckless endangerment intentional? If accidental how does it fit into that category

  3. This was a copycat crime he did it on the exact same day Darrell brooks crashed into people on the parade the previous year

  4. a democrat was the driver of the car

  5. Imagine if his iPhone 14 had its crash detection activated which led to the emergency call that led to the cops arresting him, the irony..

  6. At least they had plenty of iphones on hand to call 911

  7. Thata hilarious thats what yal get for supporting ukraine apple

  8. I feel like every new story that comes out has less information. A single car crashing injured 16 people? How???

  9. man he couldn’t wait for for 15pro

  10. The famous Ghost of Chicken Kiev strikes again!

    Slava Orcraini!


  11. Sadly, texting while driving(ILLEGAL in some states) is more often a cause of car accidents than drunk driving or incapable seniors. Hopefully the cause will be revealed.

  12. There’s got to be security camera footage of this

  13. She couldnt get the iPhone 27

  14. GDP humans, technology, and social media for the WIN!.. pretty soon we'll be killing babies for tweets

  15. 4 runner on 20 inch rims, no description of the suspect. He's definitely black

  16. 😬 Man I know parking becoming difficult 😮

  17. No doubt another messed up man’s deranged, senseless and destructive action.

  18. This is why I use android

  19. These uncontrolled SUV killings have to stop. We need stricter laws on who can purchase SUV's. Do these SUV owners REALLY need all of that vehicle? When do they even use all of it's space? We need to do background checks on the people who purchase these killing machines, and start a registration process so we know who owns them. The public at large is put in unnecessary danger just allowing these ridiculous SUV drivers to go out unchecked.

  20. Something tells me, with the fact that Apple’s main base is in Asia, complete with the fact that the “woke” movement is taking over social media platforms(FB, TikTok) that this isn’t far short of an intentional action of violence. Probably had some situation where someone had to crack his or somebody he knew phone and used it against them, whether in the court system or publicly, I still wouldn’t put the situation completely in the health record category, possibly a DUI/Aggravated assault with a vehicle? I’m curious about this one 🤔

  21. Drive through genius bar needs some tweeking……

  22. Nothing like a bunch of people driving 5,000lb weapons.
    But let's ban firearms lol. Driving is a privilege, not a constitutional right. Need more checks on drivers. Background checks too……

  23. only commies shop apple so………..

  24. Not to deviate from the tragic event but how come out cities officials can’t hold a small event narrative or improvise a sequence of an incident.


  25. Welcome to America land of the dead

  26. At least the driver didn't try to loot the store like the ⚫️s when they smash windows in.

  27. yet another reason why you shouldn't purchase apple products.

  28. wow…I once lived in the area & shopped there…I'm sure it was probably some type of medical situation for the driver? Can't believe someone actually passed there today! It's a nice thoughtfully laid out mall…prayers for the injured too 🙏

  29. Wet Diaper Gang to blame? Thee ol brake for gas Grammy late for Matlock reruns?

  30. Waste of time. If you read the title you learned everything.

  31. They must've really wanted that iPhone 14. Geez! It should have never come to this.

  32. This is what happens when you import the 3rd world countries, you become the 3rd world country. Happening all over Europe too.

  33. When are we going to stop the mass vehicle attacks. We need to ban all vehicles!! They are killing machines

  34. Darell Brooks must be the drivers idol.