Thursday , January 27 2022
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Officials Investigating After Adults Hospitalized With Lung Damage From Vaping | NBC Nightly News

At least 22 young adults have been hospitalized with severe lung damage after vaping in three states. It’s unclear if the problem was with the devices or what was inside them, all patients showed similar pneumonia-like symptoms.
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Officials Investigating After Adults Hospitalized With Lung Damage From Vaping | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Fake THC carts. The newest black market trend.

    Please stop saying "Vaping did this" when there is no trend of this among those who DON'T buy street drugs.

    This is irresponsible reporting.

  2. It’s his fault for buying that off the street

  3. Funny how vaping is blamed. We haven’t heard about tests on what they were vaping. It was probably something made in a kitchen

  4. yes water vaper even showing can give one pneumonia , or a lung infection different then a fog machine at any disco or rock concert. Just like cathode rays from TV can give you brain cancer

  5. just now, after 70 years of untold misery and money thrown away on an ineffectual campaign to prevent the purchase and use of a supposed evil drug, we can't wait to demonize and wage war on another. let's give it a few decades before we repeat that egregious error.

  6. Alcohol killed more people during prohibition (BAD BATCHES, due to lack of oversight and REGULATION) than ALL DRUGS COMBINED between prohibition and today in 2019. Regulation is EVERYTHING

  7. It likely had tons of butane in it

  8. Meanwhile, the mercury from coal fired plants is a nutrient. Take care of your mitochondria and they will take care of you. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2016 Jan 15;310(2):L103-13. doi: 10.1152/ajplung.00320.2015. Epub 2015 Nov 13.
    Rejuvenating cellular respiration for optimizing respiratory function: targeting mitochondria.
    Agrawal A1, Mabalirajan U2.
    Author information

    Altered bioenergetics with increased mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production and degradation of epithelial function are key aspects of pathogenesis in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This motif is not unique to obstructive airway disease, reported in related airway diseases such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia and parenchymal diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis. Similarly, mitochondrial dysfunction in vascular endothelium or skeletal muscles contributes to the development of pulmonary hypertension and systemic manifestations of lung disease. In experimental models of COPD or asthma, the use of mitochondria-targeted antioxidants, such as MitoQ, has substantially improved mitochondrial health and restored respiratory function. Modulation of noncoding RNA or protein regulators of mitochondrial biogenesis, dynamics, or degradation has been found to be effective in models of fibrosis, emphysema, asthma, and pulmonary hypertension. Transfer of healthy mitochondria to epithelial cells has been associated with remarkable therapeutic efficacy in models of acute lung injury and asthma. Together, these form a 3R model–repair, reprogramming, and replacement–for mitochondria-targeted therapies in lung disease. This review highlights the key role of mitochondrial function in lung health and disease, with a focus on asthma and COPD, and provides an overview of mitochondria-targeted strategies for rejuvenating cellular respiration and optimizing respiratory function in lung diseases.

    Copyright © 2016 the American Physiological Society.

  9. The news against weed but won’t say it’s pesticides in them because companies are not fda approved or tested in labs

  10. Dumbasses smoking them fake cartridges that they purchase for thirty dlrs lol

  11. There was definitely something bad in the liquid. This isn't normal.

  12. Yet they still won't check the weed or tobacco for heavy metals or pesticides. Do NOT believe they care for you or use your tax dollars to protect or serve you.

  13. At least regular 🚬 take many years to do irreparable harm. Vaping is killing teenagers. Not worth it.

  14. Sounds like it could be oil aspiration, if the makers of the THC vape on the street were mixing the THC with some sort of oil that doesn’t fully vaporize, the oil could condense on the alveoli of the lungs, and inhibit oxygen exchange with a lipid layer that doesn’t allow hemoglobin to oxidize across the membranes in the air sacks of the lungs.

    So it basically makes breathing ineffective.

  15. Hahahaha. Because the human body is ment to inhale large amounts of moisture. Totally safe. But proceed Guinea pigs we need lab results….

  16. people are vaping meth, so ya' never know.

  17. Thank the Federal government for this problem. Black market cartridges put citizens at risk; whereas legitimate, regulated THC cartridges are harmless. Legalize it already and let the people make their own choices. PROHIBITION DOES NOT WORK!

  18. Major Tobacco Corporations: who else want to fight for their lives in the coma? Vape is our brand new cigarette.

  19. Stick to regular Cannabis joints.. 😁

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