Officials release bodycam video from Nashville school shooting

Officials have released the body camera video showing officers racing through a Nashville Christian elementary school after three children and three staffers were fatally shot by an active shooter. NBC’s Tom Llamas reports. Warning: Some viewers may find the footage disturbing. 

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  1. Best job ! – police congratulations !

  2. Note no female cops are ever in the lead on these things. Just like in combat. But “females are equal and there’s a wage gap” 🥴

  3. And if a teacher had wrestled the gun away and shot the perp and was standing there with gun in hand? Dead as well, I think.

  4. These Nashville cops heroes should train Uvalde's useless PD

  5. AWESOME job guys!!!! A perfect ending to a horrific situation.

  6. What is not discussed is the disgusting stubbornness of the US society to privilege the ownership of guns in a "free for all" approach. Reasonable people do understand that guns are not bad intrinsically, yet allow free access with "no questions asked" to everyone for the sake of profits has destroyed our country morally. When people have lost touch with reality to the point where we celebrate the heroes who stop a bigger massacre (great job by the way), instead of taking care of the actual root cause that remains healthy and alive (free access to guns with no controls at all), is the issue. There will always be good people and bad people. If you give bad people access to means of hurting others, they will do. Unfortunately, this is not the logic of the NRA and the super rich gun and armament manufacturers. What people who vote for representatives that are openly bribed to continue support the profit growth of the gun manufacturers is that if there would be controls for gun ownership, is that there will continue to be hefty sales of these devices, yet the controls will deter many of the sick people who perpetrate these barbaric acts every single day. Maybe there will be a slight drop in sales, yet the profits will be there. It is absolute insane to continue listening for years and years that our society continues to react to the issue, and listen to messages of condolences and "being emphatic and sorry for the loss of human beings who are mothers, fathers, children, etc.", and witness "ashen faces and sorrow" that in many cases are just a pose that is obviously neither sincere or real. In the meantime, our society will continue to bear "ashen faces" from the victims and VERY HAPPY FACES of the gun manufacturers and the corrupt politicians that sustain their power and riches from those making a profit to the spent of the victims.

  7. Why can’t the murderer been seen taken down by the police with blood flying too show the next killer this what is going to happen to you, oh they have rights.

  8. Amedika land of the mass shootings. Biden the most incompetent President 😳🤷

  9. Sick of cowards shooting innocent people. Maybe if they had better security in place like an armed guard there would be less casualties. These kids are our future and shouldn't be left unattended.

  10. It's sad that this is such a rare sight to see cops actually do their job. They should focus on immediately taking down these evil people, and finding real criminals rather than beating armless black men to death over traffic stops.

  11. Bro didn't even need to use the whole mag 💀

  12. And now you said their name and made them famous. But that's what the mainstream media wants…. to make them famous so more happen.

  13. Amazing bravery of the officers! Thumbs up! That's how it is supposed to be! What happened in Uvalde School is a shame on the law enforcement in Texas. Tennessee officers did great job! 👍

  14. Parents and Kids Need to Go on " National STRIKE and March " ( Not a Walk Out ) …. That Will get National Attention !!!!

  15. Put down without hesitation, as it should be in that situation

  16. God bless these officers!

  17. No imagine how quick this could have been sorted if the teachers had access to artillery or at least senior management.


  19. Here we go again. Another Mass Shooting. I don't trust any of the Police as well.