Officials Say A 'Two-For-Two' Swap From American Prisoners In Russia Is Possible

Basketball star Brittney Griner is still behind bars in a Russian prison along with other American detainees. NBC News’ Ken Dilanian reports on how advocates are pushing for their recognition and freedom as officials say a deal for Griner may be possible. 

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  1. The only reason the RUSSIANS are getting rid of this scary looking drug smuggler !!? Is because they don't want the Russian prisoners to panic and start a Riot !!!??? But why do we need a drug smuggler BACK on USA soil !!!? Greetings from LAS Vegas

  2. releasing a very dangerous man for a worthless drug addicted person. Worst part is that she hates America like all black liberals. this is dead wrong

  3. A swap isn't what we should do. What we should do is negotiate with the Olympic committee to forgive Russia for past drug violations if American cannabis violators are released.

  4. I’ve found a great partnership with Maskoffweb They have been professional in all their dealings with me I really appreciate

  5. I’ve found a great partnership with Maskoffweb They have been professional in all their dealings with me I really appreciate

  6. Russia Sent the wrong message.! People traveling to Russia might get incarcerated. They use people as pawns

  7. No, No, we give up their spy if they keep Griner and take Pelosi. Do we look stupid.

  8. They’re trying to create a “feel good” story. What’s there to feel good about releasing a murder and arms dealer? That’s hardly a win for us…

  9. She Broke the Law! (Its illegal in Houston Texas which is Where she Resides) she isn't a hostage… in Texas they will throw you in Jail for 0.01 of cannabis

  10. the bullsh*t about this from our government in regards to earlier US prisoners being totally ignored and then conveniently claiming privacy issues to not be able to talk about it or address it it in public response, no they just don't give a sh*t.


  12. They will keep her as a pet, until Ukraine is conquered

  13. put him in the same cell as…whatever. griner wont make it.

  14. Two criminal master minds for two common dopers, at least one of which hates her country. Yeah, once again America is being taken advantage of.

  15. How about doing something about all of the Americans in US prisons for cannabis convictions?

  16. Respect the laws of another country and you not need to beg for your release.

  17. Why do Americans go to foreign countries thinking that what they do in USA is ok elsewhere???keep them all Russia .USA should keep their Russian prisioners too.
    Those are no hostages,they are criminals !

  18. Dude seriously, it's a dude

  19. WTF? 2 for 2? an arms dealer for a dope hoop player who even admit her own guilty plea?

  20. If there is anyone else unlawfully detained in Russia check now because if you get stuck tomorrow it could be a while. And that one guy who was U.S. turned Russian and fought Ukraine probably is dead but in case you aren't… don't come back even if they don't detain you.

  21. The great unifier Biden calling Putin a murderer, thug and war criminal put an end to any negotiating. The only time biden negotiated anything it was withholding a $billion in federal aid to Ukraine to get prosecutors from looking into his and Hunters crooked dealings with an oil company. Impeachable action.

  22. This is a bad swap!!!!

  23. So what kind of so called classified information could have been so important that the Deep State Democrat's secret police would illegally raid a President. Home. This is a one sided witch hunt to get back harmful evidence showing deep state crimes and Corruption the President may possess on them…His deep state enemies can just deem it as classified which let them do anything they want without consequences including planting phony evidence. The Corrupt democrat's monopoly media will cheer this Banana Republic tactic. Shame Shame Shame for the killing off our Civil Liberties.

  24. bad idea, free at the point of let a know killer. If this guy his is hand on some of these stringers he will find a way to get them back into the US and shot down planes right here in the US. Our government has made mistake after mistake. Ken is an CIA asset. Trump would have got them back without giving up a killer.