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Officials won’t rule out canceling Olympics at last minute

The chief of the Tokyo organizing committee says officials will continue discussions if there is a spike in cases.

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  1. They are canceling enough other people in Tokyo to get their fill of cancel crazy fulfillment. Boo on Tokyo olympics. Shame on the society known for “honor”. Shame

  2. They should have postpone it, this is only the beginning of what's to come. Of course it is all about the money, no one learned anything during the lock down. Such a shame!!!!!😢😢😢

  3. We remember Ze’ev Friedman, Eliezer Halfin, Amitzur Shapira, Kehat Shorr, Mark Slavin, Andrei Spitzer, Yakov Springer, Yossef Romano, Yossef Gutfreund, Moshe Weinberg, and David Mark Berger.

  4. Hitler did the same thing with his troops when trying to invade Stalingrad during the winter…..look how that ended up 😐

  5. We'll have to wait soon.

  6. The Japanese government is just pathetic. They’re sacrificing Japanese to keep their poor pride. I’m so embarrassed as a Japanese.

  7. It should be canceled it’s not safe I would not go if it came down to

  8. Cancel it… We are done watching idiots disrespecting the flag and national anthem

  9. did someone sneeze again?

  10. Not worth it Can it…

  11. akira owes me a cyberpunk future. this isnt what they described with the tokyo 2020 olympics…

  12. Wellcome to The Delta-Covid19 Olympic Fear~Games without a world healt-immunity record for the useless medals collected

  13. While international players sleeping on 6ft kids paper box bed, no refrigerator in rooms during 100+ degree humid weather, remote control in Japenise NO ENGLISH, 6ft short bathroom, packed them in building like chickens to share COVID and feeding Fukushima radioactive raised foods for advertising while their own people avoid eating them due to causing cancer in the past to their Fukushima advertising actors got sick or died. What piss me off is Japenise players are staying in luxury hotel sleeping on regular king size bed, training in comfort and eating separate food from international players. World doesn't know how cruel Japenise are due to bribing foreign media and politicians. IOC is one of them got bribed by Japenise government staying at 5 star luxury hotel that cost tens of thousands a night and gifted with Rolex watches. What you can do to pay back Japan is to make sure Japan do not win in any events.

  14. Cancel the Olympics! They don't care about life of people in Japan. We've worked hard for years to be in our position, whatever it is.

  15. This is the Chinese revenge on Japan for WW2 🤣

  16. Forget about covid-19"let's focus on racism!

  17. A virus of the unvaccinated huh? Wow the libturds are hypocritical liars

  18. Hope ice skating won’t be cancelled 😞.

  19. The White House had breakthrough COVID infections, Congress had breakthrough cases, and the Olympic village also had breakthrough cases.
    The Olympics is the melting pot of all COVID variants in the world and the most virulent mutant will spread across the world and kill everyone.

    That is the true legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (and the Beijing 2022 Olympics).

  20. And bringing more germs back to the US

  21. I think they are to cancel the Olympic Games people are going there all I'm going to get sick most of them are and they can't compete when they're sick they should go ahead and cancel them

  22. 🖕Covid-19, this virus has completely ruined our lives and everything.

  23. It’s looking more like the covid Olympics this year, they Olympics being a world sport has way to many rules and setting themselves up for failure they shouldn’t of had anyone go so early just have everyone arrive twos before

  24. I don't understand why these athletes are still doing the Olympics?

  25. They could have done it for only vaccinated people

  26. It would have been better to postpone the Olympics

  27. The Australian government is corrupt and involved in dirty work Mafia. . . 🖓

  28. Usa gymnast team was the first one who got eliminated due to covid .what a waste!!!these athletes has a chance to get the gold ,and all of a sudden their chances ruined because they were tested positive.

  29. Just cancel the whole thing. Who cares about the Olympics.

  30. If the Olympics were like a commercial flight, it would be like a crash about to happen. So many safety risks taken, so many holes in the risk management, so many fails in crew resource management. If it flies and lands safely, it will be a pure miracle.

  31. Oh, Poor athletes…..
    Spend a few years with my wife and then they will know the meaning of disappointment.
    And a life’s work wasted.

  32. No one….. I repeat one wanted these games to go ahead….. except the corrupt officials.

  33. Stop the Olympics, period.

  34. Greetings from the US 🇺🇸 Japan Should STOP feeding radioactive Fukushima foods to athletes at the Olympics! This is totally irresponsible and evil of them; they are NOT safe to eat!

  35. People need to take the vaccine otherwise we will never go back to normal. Other countries would love to get vaccines but CANNOT while 40% of Americans still think COVID is a joke

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