Sunday , August 1 2021
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On The Issues: Where The 2020 Candidates Stand On The Electoral College | NBC News Now

NBC News’ Steve Kornacki breaks down exactly how the Electoral College works and where the 2020 candidates stand on the issue.
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On The Issues: Where The 2020 Candidates Stand On The Electoral College | NBC News Now


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  1. The Electoral College is the Affirmative Action of voting. It gives more equality to the minority of voters.

  2. Texas will turn blue due to Republicans consistent attacks on Mexican Americans. Trump didn't want a judge of Mexican descent presiding over his case. The electoral college will soon be meaningless.

  3. Never seen a state pay taxes.

  4. the only way democrats could ever in a slim chance hope of winning the 2020 election is if they changed the rules of the game, shame

  5. So, the argument that the EC protects the voice of the smaller states… where does it originate?
    I can't find who or where it came from anywhere. The argument falls apart if you think about it.
    Where do candidates go on the campaign trail NOW? Florida, California, Pennsylvania… places with the BIGGEST CITES in the states with the largest number of Electors… seriously, what candidate loses sleep over the Alaska Electors?

    The EC was conceived to be the SECURITY SYSTEM, to secure TIME for the "experiment" to fully begin… a "BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF FIRE".The Federalist Papers describe a system that would prevent a BAD ACTOR, funded by a foreign adversary, from winning the presidency. Beyond that, it has been suggested that the EC was conceived to help Southern States feel better about the 3/5 rule for counting their slaves…
    This suggests what the EC really was- LARD. A bad piece of COMPROMISE attached to an already perfect piece of legislation.

    Protecting smaller states seems to be a modern-day myth, surely concocted for the monetary benefit of someone or some entity. The problems we face in KC are the SAME as ones faced in LA, and Houston, and NYC, and ANCHORAGE.
    NO ONE votes for an ELECTOR when they cast their vote… they vote for a PRESIDENT.

  6. 29 state count you vote , 21 state not count Boy.

  7. I thought he was the angry video game nerd.

  8. You'll have cival war before we let NYC, la, Portland, Washington, Miami …and few others decide every election. I'm kinda hoping for cival war anyways

  9. Honking car locking wakes people up and creates Noise Stress Everywhere. We can hear it inside our homes when you park. It wakes our kids up. Please Break the HONK Habit. The Auto Industry needs to use technology that lets people know their cars are locked and armed but doesn't emit Noise into our communities. Please lock you car quietly with light flash only. Thank you.

  10. Let's see the people here think the popular vote over the electoral is a good idea. So let's see if that is the case then governor's like in CA, NY, and their socialist communist progressives ideas would be for some but not others. So if you want this, NY and with thr homeless, drug addicts there. Yes , bring your children into this living on the streets, booping, using drugs and see then so.great about it. Yes, how about those of you who the popular vote that are working pay for my healthcare, food, give free.things like your car, your home after all it is about socialism, communist, and progressive supporting illegals and give.them your money. Why not just.givr me.your pay check.

  11. Hey, why didn't you mention Andrew Yang?

  12. from president , to the king of israel , to  the king of Greenland ….. all in a day's work for your favorite president.

  13. The Justice Department, in a brief submitted to the high court Friday, argued that Title VII “does not bar discrimination because of sexual orientation.

  14. If you are from any state except New York or California, and you vote for a socialist democrat you are giving up your vote and voice to those states. They have a plan to destroy the electoral college and take over choosing the presidency. You may as well just stay in bed and let NY and CAL (Chuck and Nancy) pick for you and the others in your state. You listening Texas, North Carolina and Florida? How stupid can you be to become slaves to those two states? They already had you paying their state income taxes FOR DECADES until the President and Republicans fixed that. WAKE UP or lose your vote and voice. They are telling you what they are planning.

  15. Is the theme of the democrat Parties Candidates LOW T ?

  16. the EC was invented as a criminal scam in 560BC . after 30years of the same corrupt ruler no one voted for the people rightfully killed him and everyone in the senate . Disney has a video on youtube . the federalist founders were NOT your friends . it only took the ancient Greeks 30years to figure out it was a scam . too keep slaves you must care for them and pay guards . unless they are stupid and believe they have a patriotic duty to vote in SECRET elections controlled by private organizations free to make and break their own rules . & calling the government a democracy to sucker the population into believing they have constitutional rights the states take away . the very rich 1% have always picked your masters . it's easier to buy 270 electors than 300million voters . 50+ unconstitutional electors voted in 2016 . watch the EC vote confirmation ?

  17. To the MSM, there will come a time when ratings and making money will become important to you again, America will not forget how you tried to diminish her greatness, how you slighted Americans with conservative views, how you lied about our President and tried to destroy him, and how you lied to protect crooked politicians and decrepit child molesters, we shall not FORGET

  18. If Dems don't want to play by the rules, they should go run for office in countries that don't care about the rule of law.

  19. People only "like" the popular vote method because they are uneducated about the US Constitution … we can thank the broken public school system for that.

  20. The electoral college is to ensure that rural areas get as equal a say as urban areas. Most Native Americans live in rural areas. Elizabeth Warren can not be for eliminating the electoral college while saying she supports "Indian Country". That would be hypocrisy on her part. She needs to pick one or the other. She can't have both and be sincere.

  21. I'm going to vote for President Donald again in 2020..!!! Promises made promises kept..!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Dem want get rid of e!ectoral college destroy monument play the race card abortion killing babies support illegals no ID to vote take guns away from law abiding American

  23. B.S. The electoral college is not going anywhere.
    Great story NBC. Nothing better to report than that ?
    Stir the pot.

  24. Federal judge ruled they can't touch the electoral college.
    Where is that report you hacks?

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