Wednesday , December 8 2021
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One Nation Overdosed: Utah’s Children At Center Of Opioid Crisis | NBC Nightly New

In Utah, a recent study of umbilical cords showed that nearly five percent of babies born in the state are born addicted to opioids at birth.
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One Nation Overdosed: Utah’s Children At Center Of Opioid Crisis | NBC Nightly New


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  1. I feel sorry for this child.May God protect the children.

  2. This breaks my heart. I didn't even consume caffeine when I was pregnant… My son is my whole world. I couldn't imagine putting him through that! Appalling….

  3. I feel that when they come in have babies they should be automatically sterilized while their there they're not going to take care of children drugs have got their mind they only want one thing and they screwed they can get and the children suffer greatly thank God that he stepped up to the plate

  4. Hayden is a beautiful boy. I am so glad he is with his Dad.

  5. Stetson == glad you were able to gain custody of your beautiful boy

  6. That's why I don't have children…I don't want to pass anything onto them… but I've seen addicts get pregnant….

  7. God bless Hagen and prayers going out to you, your siblings and to your father and stepmother. I also pray that all adults involved will make an effort to keep all you kids involved with each other

  8. What a strong boy. It is so devastating hearing what he has gone through. My heart goes out to him and his new family

  9. Thank you for publishing! My foster son was addicted to opioids in utero. Took some research but this is VERY IMPORTANT to know for prospective parents and/or those caring for these children. They do not have less intelligence. More repetition is necessary. Commom deficits for babies addicted to opioids in utero are: fine motor impairments, judgement (impulsivity), decreased visual tracking. They have enlarged heads (circumference) for age, with enlarged neck muscles from required support for added head weight in development. Hope this helps. Physical and occupational therapy intervention is strongly recommended.

  10. "Our s- 9 year old son" I love how she immediately sees him as her own. God bless his parents for bringing in those 3 kids until they're blood family could

  11. What! Why would the 3 small kids have drugs in their system?

  12. PARENTS like that just NEED TO END!

  13. I sure hope this sweet boy gets to continue a relationship with his baby siblings.

  14. Bless his little heart ❤️ he jus wants to be a KID…he shouldn’t know everything….smh

  15. OH MY GAWD!!!
    Close the Freaking Border yo! Im in Vegas , and the drugs come from mexico. Trust me. We need to stop the Drug Cartel ran by Democrats. And Give FATHERS EQUAL RIGHTS TO THEIR CHILDREN !!!

  16. Oh that is sad. They always blame the father and let the mother off the hook. If a mother stands by and lets her man abuse her kids she is just as guilty and should be held responsible. I don't buy that women are helpless. Mothers, you defend your children to your death.

  17. Utah has a terrible drug problem.

  18. This poor baby, I know a guy who did the same thing only none of the kids were his. He was a cop & the ex boyfriend. Smh

  19. Any white parent who endangers a white child like this should be immediately executed.

  20. Utah wasatch front seems to be popular hub for drugs. Heroin is now cheaper and purer than it's ever been and addiction of course follows. If they could get the drugs before they came up the highway, it would be great.

  21. When the news reporter says “that’s stunning information” to learning all the drugs the children had in their system… not the wording I would’ve used

  22. I hope they give the siblings lots of opportunities to see each other.

  23. Leave the kid alone. You are exploiting him for views. Pathetic and sad.

  24. This is so incredibly sad. No words.

  25. I have so much love for that little boy that I don't even have words for it.

  26. This makes me so sad. This child is so brave.

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