Thursday , January 27 2022
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One Of The First Lawsuits Filed Against Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate | NBC Nightly News

Jennifer Araoz says Epstein raped her in his New York City home when she was just 15. In her lawsuit, she says Epstein’s associates facilitated the sexual assault in the early 2000s. It also names Epstein’s friend and associate Ghislaine Maxwell, who Araoz says she never met, alleging she enabled a sex trafficking ring of children.
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One Of The First Lawsuits Filed Against Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate | NBC Nightly News


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  1. How did she get there,where were her parents….it's hard to believe that the parents did not notice that their daughters were gone, why didn't they look for them , All they wanted/ want is money.Why is everyone saying that Epstein's was a horrible man,what Prince Andrew,Bill Clinton and all the rest !

  2. We forgot to turn on the Cameras, We fell Asleep, and forgot to take pictures before autopsy, now there’s no Epstein. And he is not ESCAPED(cough cough), Problem solved.


  4. I'm not excusing Epstein, B. Clinton or Trump or others but when I seen photo's of these girls partying with these people they didn't seem distraught to me and they could have left at any time they wanted to, so,, it leaves us with the thought!,, Why now?,what? for money?,,, Oh course they were not all uinderage but most will claim that anyway for self gain!,,,

  5. Epstein's death and his estate! What is in his WILL and who are the Estate Executors? If their is no WILL and no Estate Executors all his money will be under probate for years to come from the State in which he lived! In other words, Epstein just screwed over every law suit pending for several years to come or until his probate is finished by the State! That could take a minimum of 10 years or indefinite as all his money runs out while under probate! It called reality! 🇨🇦😊

  6. What about Prince Andrew he is not being sued

  7. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧From trump “I’ve known Jeff for 15 YEARS. TERRIFIC GUY,” Mr. Trump told New York magazine in 2002. “He’s a lot of FUN to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much AS I DO, and many of them are on the YOUNGER SIDE.”

  8. We would like the Dept. Of Corrections to retrieve the last turd he left in the steel toilet in his cell…it contains valuable information regarding his last hours in custody.

  9. the party needs you now more than ever…..
    keep covering for that skum, our skummm, clinton

  10. FBI at his house to make sure no clues are left behind that could implicate Epstein involvement with American and Israeli intelligence, and other high powered people that were pedophiles as well.

  11. No one believes in the suicide….

  12. To the morons at NBC that think they're 'journalists' You may want to start with investigating what Acosta meant when he referred to Epstein as 'belonging to intelligence'. Anyhow have a nice day, I don't know how but YouTube auto play brought me here. I'm off to see some real news

  13. Did the guards drink coffee? Where they drugged? Both of them asleep sounds too strange.


  15. They just found a portrait of bill clinton wearing a dress and high heels in Epsteins mansion. Report on that NBC.

  16. Please where was her parents??? Most importantly were was Jennifer's mother to protect her 14 year old teen daughter ??? Don't point a finger at anyone but the parents ,,parents are suppose to protect there kids /teens until they become adults look at the big picture ,,,blame the parents also????

  17. Those woman will be afraid to come forward now, they might be next on Hillary hit list. I have a feeling some have already been killed and made to look like a suicide.

  18. Hey, Hillary! You catching up to this? No…no I haven't spoke to Bill. I saw him tieing a noose last week though.

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