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OPENING BEAUTY ADVENT CALENDARS PART II // Selfridges, Jack Wills and More // Fashion Mumblr

OPENING BEAUTY ADVENT CALENDARS PART II – As promised here is the second opening of some more of my favourite beauty advent calendars!

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This video was filmed on the Cannon EOS 5D Mark IV! Shop it here –





❤ Featured in this Video ❤

Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar –
Ciaté London 12 days of Christmas –
Ciaté London 24 days of Christmas –
Marks and Spencers Beauty Calendar –
Amazon Beauty Advent Calendar –
Jack Wills Beauty Advent Calendar –
Mavala Beauty Advent Calendar –

❤ What I Wore ❤

Red Christmas Jumper –



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  1. Good Evening Darlings! As promised here is me opening beauty calendars part 2! There are so many beautiful calendars this year – What one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below! xoxo

  2. Love the advent calendars and you look beautiful red really suites you xx💕

  3. Body Shop does 4, Charlotte Tilbury has two this year.

  4. This look is amazing on you 🔝💋💋

  5. Did anyone else find the link for the m and s thermals? I'm in Wales so it's freezing and those sound like the best things ever!

  6. I genuinely like your videos and the image of a classy lady that you are building up. I don't think your comments on Zoella is very ladylike, though.
    Please consider this as a constructive feedback.

  7. Josie should do red lips so much more often xxxx

  8. Oh I missed the bit about Zoella.. shame. I got bored and skipped a lot of this video

  9. Hi Josie love your videos! Can I ask you, what do you do with all of these advent calendars once you've unboxed them? The whys and how's of hauls and other content interests me 😚

  10. Love these videos Josie! So fun to see which calendars to go for 😀 <3

  11. I got the M&S calendar earlier this week, the Stila Liquid Lipstick is amazing! the quality is fantastic and the overall level of products is brill, definitely one of the best on the market x

  12. You ARE a brand. Maybe next year you can release your own advent calendar?

  13. I've already bought the Marks and Spencer advent calendar. Cannot wait for 1st December to open the first box.

  14. I've got the Ciate nail polish calender for 40 euros in TK maxx :)))))

  15. you need to do a house tour once your new wardrobe gets put in!!

  16. What lip color are you wearing with that adorable sweater? I must have it!

  17. Enjoyed watching happy holidays to you and yours

  18. Love the red jumper on you (I think you should wear red more often 😉 ) and the M&S adv. calendar. A very useful video… 😊 💕💖💞

  19. You look smashing in red. Perhaps you should start switching from pink?

  20. I'm sure I'm not the only one who immediately thought of that certain Youtuber when you said the value of the Selfridges one.

  21. Why throw shade at Zoe? Bit disappointing.

  22. Hi Josie, thanks for sharing your goodies in each of the calendars. I think my favorite is the one from Selfridges. I like the packaging as well as the products inside. BTW, the red lip and thermals look stunning on you! Enjoy all of your products.

  23. Can you leave us the link to your thermals pleaseee? =) love you btw xx

  24. Josie, what do you mean, if you were a brand, honey, to me you ARE a brand…..who agrees? x

  25. I didn't know what this calendar was. By looking at the name I thought you were gonna open calendars and read bible verses😂 So happy I clicked on the video cause I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

  26. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Always love a beauty calendar but love a chocolate treat too – especially a Lindt Xmas calendar!! More importantly lipstick details please love love love!!!!!!!

  28. Hey josie, thank you so much for doing the M&S calendar! I messaged my boyfriend today informing him that you had uploaded and luck would have it he's returned home with one for me this evening 💅😍💃🏼💛

  29. Hi! Advent Calendars can be really fun, but who needs 7 of them? When you have so much Josie and it's just consume, consume and consume buy buy buy, it kind of robs one of being appreciative even in the little things.

  30. Very lovely I love all of them !!!!!!!!*****

  31. Lol why do you think you're cool making digs at Zoella? It was an unnecessary comment to make – don't be bitter it's really ugly…

  32. Hey Josie, can you leave here the link for the thermals from M&S please? 🙂 thank you! Have a great night

  33. would you do a video about gifts and christmas food, gadgets for dogs? would be fun to watch with your doggies as testers

  34. I brought that jumper on like the 1st November, it was too cute to wait for despite my mum giving me the look lol
    I thought you would get your hands on it! So cute and like you said, affordable. Keep rolling out them Christmas videos Josie 🙃⭐️ xx

  35. This is great thankyou Josie!:) The M&S one looks amazing!:) xxx

  36. I rushed out to find some of the advent calendars you showed us in last video but unfortunately we only have a couple in Melbourne Australia here, I was so disappointed 😞 I can only find the Body Shop and L’occitane brand that sell them. I’m so in love with your Selfridge and M&S calendars 😍😍😍 and yes to sausage dog Xmas jumper 🐶🐶🐶

  37. Another fantastic festive video Josie- love your channel. Ps. You are the sweetest, kindest lady on You tube. Xx

  38. Zoella is just like a big sister. Who robs you blind

  39. Loving the Christmas vibe Red looks great on you 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  40. Which part of you uk from…
    I love your videos and you are very classy 💕

  41. The temptation is soooo real to splurge on one of these calendars 😍😍😍

  42. Happy Thanksgiving by the way!!!!

  43. That was so lovely 😊 letting us know what’s really good value for money, loved the M&S and the Amazon 😍 and love ❤️ your Christmas 🎄 jumper😍 F+F it’s just perfect for you , so enjoyed thank you xx

  44. Your videos are gifts of joy!! Thank you so much one more time!!!!

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