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Orange County Fair Speedway: 100 Years (Episode 5: 1990s) | NASCAR on FOX

The racing hype is at an all-time high. Brett Hearn continues to win, but a strong competitor arrives in Danny Johnson.

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Orange County Fair Speedway: 100 Years (Episode 5: 1990s) | NASCAR on FOX

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  1. What’s your favorite OC Fair Speedway moment?

  2. does anybody remember the elf like statues before they redid the place under the concession stand….I guess it goes way back in late 70s and early 80s …..

  3. I love the 31st lap I've been there many times .and the concession stand food you cannot get this anywhere else…….

  4. My Mom hates Doctor DJ but he's okay in My book but my Mom Doesnt agree with me but i remember i went to Grandview one time with My Brother and his Buddy and his Parents and we had to Choose a Driver who we think is gonna Win my Brother Pick Dwayne Howard who started last The father Picked Friesen who was up there idk what the lady or My Brother's Friend Picked but i Picked Johnson it was just a Random Desicion then it was only a few laps to go Rick Laugbach was leading all of a sudden Johnson starts comming up passing cars left and right he goes up to Laugbach im standing up im cheering and He won and i won over 70,000 bucks that night literally that day went from 0 to 100 for me

  5. I remember 1993 there was a special Brett Vs Danny Go Kart Match Race during intermission on one of the Saturday programs & being an 8 year old kid me & many other kids running to the fences to watch them match race on Go Karts back when OCFS had the Go Karts on occasions sponsored by BK Go Karts & Budget Express Deli, they discontinued the go kart division about 2 years later.

  6. Went there every week in the late 70s, attended quite often in the 80s before moving out of the area. Made it there once in 1995 in the middle of the DJ/Hearn rivalry. It was an intense night for sure watching DJ shove Hearn down the front straight!

  7. The best part is that track is near where I live

  8. Thats my uncle Danny johnson

  9. My dad works at OCFS and I watche races their alot, Ive been their for years now OCFS 100 YEARS!

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