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Orca gets up close and personal with fishermen l ABC News

The killer whale was seen on camera swimming close to a 21-foot boat with five people aboard off the coast of San Diego.


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  1. I will never forget when I saw a pod of orcas in Alaska. Simply breathtaking.

  2. Orcas are beautiful creatures. Everyone just likes talking bad about them because it’s more “interesting” but I truly love these animals and think they are misinterpreted and deserve another chance💙

  3. There is always a white expert on everything…lol…next we'll have some white nut taking his friendly Orca whale info and jumping in the water with one

  4. Wild dolphins have attacked and killed people so even tho an orca hasn't attacked anyone in the wild dont mean nothing as soon as one has a bad experience with humans like the captive ones its game on.

  5. It wouldnt be funny until they tip the boat over

  6. So much better than seeing one held captive, away from its real family in a tank at sea world, right? #BoycottSeaWorld

  7. What if these whales are trying to tell us something. “Rare sighting” . whale rolled over probably telling us they are dying

  8. I 💘Love the Orca😎
    Their Loyal👊

  9. Please stop fishing, if we don’t the ocean may not be a home for these beautiful orca whales. Scientists predict fishless oceans by 2048 if humans continue to live as we do today.

  10. The bubbles tickle them. They love it!

  11. He wasn’t playful. Mfs was submitting his audition tape for sea world

  12. Yet orcas and dolphins are heals captive in tanks 😭😢

  13. See how beautiful and special these creatures are!!!! So then why do we keep them captive at sea world, amongst other location!! This makes me think of the Amazon that’s burning down, this makes me think of all the animals that are stuck in the zoos!! As beautiful as these creatures are, They’re not for our entertainment value!!!! That’s what makes this video so special is that they’re swimming in their own environment free happy and able to be free in life!! What do we really do about it to save them And their home!!!! Just look at the way we take care of our oceans!! As beautiful as this is, it only reminds me how disappointing our world has become! What are we doing to our planet!!

  14. My name is human. My friends are humans. I don't speak whales !!

  15. They are incredibly intelligent. Beautiful!

  16. Orcas are smart like a fox.
    They act cute but when you pat their tummy …CRUNCH! you're dinner.

  17. It's big but it isn't the size of a bus

  18. This makes me so happy to see them free with their families (pods). They must be really happy together…

  19. They're not Wales I thought everybody knew that by now

  20. But first…. Let me take a SELFIE 📸

  21. Lets storm sea world they can't stop us all how far is sea world to nearest ocean ?

  22. Moment of a lifetime, and those guys record it vertically 🤬

  23. She said “hunting for yellow fin” 😂

  24. Oh yeah they're safe they're nice as long as they're in the ocean and not in a big pool at sea world

  25. What would happen if you fell in the water with those things? 💀

  26. Orcas are one of the most amazing creatures on Earth. So friendly and intelligent! 🥰

  27. Fishermen: wow amazing
    SeaWorld: you guys think you can talk to him for us.

  28. Now all we need now is to capture them and place them in an enclosed pen for educational purposes

  29. Jump in the water and let’s see what happens

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