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Oregon small business owner fed up with liberals

‘Kevin The Geek’ Computer Repair’s Kevin Kerwin speaks out against liberals who are boycotting his small business because he supports President-elect Donald Trump.


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  1. We are not upset with the liberal's half as much as we are with Godless Republican's!!!

  2. Springsteen's a worthless capitalist. Another coastal city elitest.

  3. That guy is a 55 year old virgin.

  4. Bruce Springsteen is a member of the Illuminati oh, he had to join to become famous because he's not really good at singing. If you don't know what the Illuminati is it is a satanic devil worshipping often pedophilia organization that runs the movie industry, and the music industry. This is why you see a lot of stupid people become famous, mainly because they'll join the satanic pedophilia Illuminati.

  5. Kevin thank you for caring about this country. The Liberals are completely out of control, they are often guilty of believing their own BS, with absolutely no research to back it up. It might be from generations of drinking fluoride in their water which is actually a neurotoxin which dumbs people down.

  6. Inbreeding is Fundament……….oops Republican.

  7. Bruce Springsteen sings about being born in the USA? Mr. the boss America? After that Attack on Trump? Hell no! Definitely not a boss to me. What a let down for real American’s. He should sing? I was born illegal in the USA!

  8. Awesome! This man is the type of Oregonian I remember. Springsteen is a f.iing idiot!

  9. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Do not call LEFTIST LIBERALS~~~~~I am a liberal, and,,,,simply put, I believe in FREEDOM, something the left, with the help of ALL the leftist media, has completely captured and changed the meaning of! THEY ARE LEFTIST, WANT TO CONTROL EVERY MICRO – ASPECT OF AMERICANS LIFE!

  10. In the Clinton regime, several arabic and african countries made big "donations"to the Clinton foundation; after which they got weapon dealsLiberals did not ask anything…

  11. This is a true man; with courage too! Well done; my deepest respect! Not many people have my respect!

  12. You know that what's happening on judgment day is the goats on the left and the right are God's sheep but I doubt that there is no middle ground here no gray area on judgment day it's rather one side or the other it's your a far leftist or a far righteous persons that God had picked up with him.out of this mess.called this world.

  13. Take all rights away then what do you got spoiled kids that's turns into spoiled men and women that in turn into leftist people and soon intolerance people who are sinners that don't respect God or anyone else for the matter.

  14. Springsteen blows, his "music" is insufferable! No wait, E St. Band is great, Bruce sucks!

  15. Ha Ha !! I have 2 GSDs(German Shepherd Dogs) Trained 100% in Protection, They do Bite work and love it . I walk around with my MAGA hat on hoping sometimes a liberal will do something ..So far no luck !!

  16. I'm gonna by L L Bean from now on.

  17. Liberals are picking up 🐕 💩? Gross. But, I guess that's what makes them happy. 🤡's.

  18. So outlaw all guns and turn 3% (3 million well armed) Americans into outlaws…add that policy to your long list of previous failed ones!

  19. And like Hollywood Springsteen promoted some violent songs..and yet lets take the guns from the law abiding people!

  20. And we want these type of people as neighbors, and co-workers…that are ruled by Political correctness masters…and tyrants!!! ( Nope never going too happen even if a DEMOSHIT GETS THE OVAL OFFICE IN 2020..YOULL BE IN FOR A RUDE AWAKENING😎….P.S A GUN IS A DEFENSIVE TOOL TOO A LAWFUL PERSON…QUESTION WHY DO WE NEED THEM? ANY SOCIALIST WANT TOO ANSWER THIS….WE ARE WAITING!

  21. I agree, MAGA..the nostalgia of the Great Old Father told me about the 50s in particular ..what a quiet period

  22. Bought a sweet LL Bean canoe package.

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